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  • Okay, here are more Model Users: =head2 "Sam": Python implementor Sam has a favorite language, Python, and he wants to target it to Parrot. Sam: * is only interested in Parrot if it's faster than CPython =head2 "Rasmus": PHP implementor Rasmus has a favorite language, PHP, and he wants to target it to Parrot. Rasmus: * wants to replace Zend with Parrot for PHP 6
    • I think you raise a great point for reminding people that Parrot is not just a Perl VM.

      I'm not sure you have "Sam's" (and lets add "Matz") motivation correctly. Speed is obviously a factor but the biggest thing I keep hearing (especially from the Ruby crowd) is access to CPAN. So speed *and* transperant language interoperability where by the latter I mean if you provided stubs for the external code then your script would run as is with CPython or the Ruby interpreter.

      To me language interoperability i

      • Well, Parrot will never be Perl6-specific, but without the Perl installed base, Parrot won't ever reach its potential.

        "Too many priorities is no priorities."

    • Hmmm- I've been lurking around parrot for a while (being a ruby type bod). Really glad to see the directions that things are going in at the moment, and I really appreciate seing so much documentation of what Parrot is trying to do (Ok, so I am in telecoms!).

      So a couple of comments:

      1. Users Sam, Rasmus, Matz etc are important. A good VM model will last forever (or nearly so).

      2. While I'd claim to be a User Matz type, I am also a User Tom. While I do try and keep up with the design docs, I have not been invo
  • I mentioned this on #perl6, but I think you missed it -- the high-performance user ("Ilya") may be doing bandwidth-intensive stuff as well -- it's important then to have efficient access to packed data streams.

    This becomes especially important when each data element requires very little computation, but there are a LOT of data elements to go through.

    Hmmm, perhaps this should be a new user type . . . .

    • Lots of calculation and lots of data movement are closely related, but I don't know if they're the same or not. If you're moving so much data that the mere movement of it is a challenge from Perl, actually processing any of it substantially is probably a C-language issue (e.g. mpeg compression).

      Perhaps you could contribute an "Ilya Prime" sub-profile?

      • $ svk diff
        === docs/req/model_users.pod
        ====================================================== ============
        --- docs/req/model_users.pod  (revision 13090)
        +++ docs/req/model_users.pod  (local)
        @@ -103,6 +103,38 @@
           a favorite feature set and stick with it

        +=head2 "Ilya Prime": Intensive Memory Bandwidth User
        +Ilya Prime writes high-performance memory bandwidth-bound code,
        +typically involving either very large packed arrays or "touch once"
        +streaming algorithms that make CPU caches near-usele