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  • You may not like Obama, and if you were an american citizen you could use your vote to express that, but telling others to not vote is just wrong.

    Stop and ponder for a moment the fact that this conversation would be been impossible just 20 years ago. An East German and an American having a political conversation in a public forum (Not to mention the fact that you have made several comments involving god and spirituality which also would have not been possible). It most certainly was not apathy and inacti

    • I am not saying that i dislike him, I just stating that he is consciously misleading people. Some call that lying and i don't like to see it when people are not able to see that.

      What worked in east germany and what also worked for ghandis india and in pakistan is nonviolant noncooperation, which I also suggested, rather some political actions.
      • Well you presume to know the inner working of Obama's head and that he is consciously misleading people. That is a big assumption which you have backed up with nothing more than your perceptions and the observations of a coworker of your father. Have you ever meet Obama? Looked him in the eye? Spoken to him directly? Have you even seen him speak (in person, not on television)? Have you seen him speak on television without being surrounded by the noise of pundants and the slants they throw? I highly doubt you can answer more than one of these questions with a yes, but yet you feel you can call him a liar? This is rather swift judgement you are passing. Even if you can point out a case where you think Obama was misleading or even outright lied, can you give me a full analysis of the situation and not distill it some childish idea of right and wrong? The world just isn't that simple, truth is not so clear a concept, good and evil are not so clearly defined, and it is a folly of youth to think so.

        FWIW, Non-violent non-cooperation is a political action, but if you were to ask Gandhi or one of your countrymen who was old enough to remember I suspect neither of them would suggest that not voting would be a good idea. They performed their protests and actions specifically so that they could have a say in the way their government was run.

        - Stevan

        • Grassroots mobilization-- including *gasp* community organizing-- is the heart and soul of politics.
        • i know very well that good and right are relative terms, buts its about what i know about politic the system and many details not only about obama as well as my face reading abilities(which work fine on dayly basis) that makes clear to me that he want not to do what he pretends. I remember when wall came down and did here a more comprehensive answer that got lost due login problems, maybe later more.
          • One of the things I have found over the course of my life and travels is that face reading abilities are not always transferable across racial and cultural boundries and are greatly diminished when filtered through the television. So again, unless you have talked to him yourself and looked him directly in the eye, I am not buying your "expertise".

            But honestly, I will vote for Obama tomorrow because I know that even if (and I stress IF because I really don't agree with you) he individually is a liar and t

            • Look, the techie/media false dilemma again!

              The lesser of two evils is still evil. Fortunately, there are many more candidates for president than the Holy and Anointed Two.