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  • Thank them (Score:4, Informative)

    by belg4mit (967) on 2002.03.25 19:06 (#6313) Homepage Journal
    Here []

    Paste in the Article URL as the URL in form.
    Were that I say, pancakes?
  • I haven't gotten search responses back this quickly in a LONG time! Thanks Sun, and thanks hfb for driving out there to get it installed.

    PS. You need to update the FAQ and site info now. Gotta tell people about your sexy hardware...

    "Perl users are the Greatful Dead fans of computer science." --slashdot comment
    • hey, cut me some slack :) I just drove 2600 miles in 2 days and the info page is a little low on my priority list...sleep is far higher on that list. :)

      • Note I didn't specify a time frame. :-) Yes, you are nuts to drive that far over a weekend! But thank you so much. You rock (and so does Sun for that matter).

        PS. I did NC to UT in 2 days (28 hrs) a few years ago, so I know your pain.

        "Perl users are the Greatful Dead fans of computer science." --slashdot comment
  • Big speedy smoochies to Sun and hfb. I have trouble motivating myself to drive 20m for a pie, I can't conceive of a Boston-St Louis haul! Thank you!


    • Re:Thank you! (Score:3, Insightful)

      I've already told Mr. Jark that next time I think about doing something stupid like this that he lock me in the basement. :) I'm fucking nuts.

      • And what do the nuts have to say about the way you're treating them? ;)

        Esli epei eto cumprenan, shris soa Sfaha.
        Aettot ibrec epesecoth, spakhea scrifeteis.

  • Thanks to Sun for the hardware; but bigger thanks to hfb for the extraordinary effort.
  • Fantastic work, Elaine. Thank-you!

    And thanks to Sun for their generosity.

    (Though I bet you're sorry now that you didn't also ask if they happened to have a spare villa in the south of France, eh? ;-)
  • I just tried to do a search on CPAN, but all I got was a pretty black page, with the title "Chaos!" written in real bad HTML (seem like some poeple can hack before the can think or write) resolves to, hope that is correct. Maybe you should get the real search.cpan back in place ;)
    Hmmm... someone stole my signature...
  • Great thanks to hfb for being insane(ly helpful), and to Sun for the hardware.

    Is anyone else getting some trouble with Mozilla 0.9.9 on linux for this query [] ? Mine simply freezes, but I'm very tempted to believe it's a problem on my side.


    -- Robin Berjon []

    • It looks like a Mozilla thing. I get the same results as you (i.e the freeze) with Mozilla 0.9.9 on Windows XP. Works like a charm with IE 6 though, hmmmm...
  • Thanks e., and thanks Sun. And, thanks to all those who use CPAN and don't re-invent the wheel :)
  • I'm happy to partecipate to the general thanksgiving to SUN. Yep, how fun it is that one of the most important Perl site is being helped by a "rival" language company!

    Yes, yes, I know there is no rivality but... hey! I can't traslate better the Italian that's in my head :-)

  • Nice one hfb. Searching [] on CPAN is nice and fast and lovely now.
  • "Above and beyond the call of duty" is hollow and inadequate. Nice work, Elaine!
  • Sun and Perl (Score:3, Informative)

    by barryp (2829) on 2002.03.26 12:49 (#6356) Homepage
    Sun are big Perl users ... to the best of my knowledge, a lot of their benchmarking work performed here in Ireland uses an Sun-internally modified release of Perl. It may not be called Perl, but that's what it is. I'm even pretty sure they send a lot of their new-hire grad students on training courses for the language. So, it does not surprise me that Sun is being good to the Perl community.
    • Re:Sun and Perl (Score:4, Informative)

      by Alan Burlison (2961) on 2002.03.26 16:31 (#6360) Homepage Journal
      I know nothing about the existence of a modified version of perl (seems unlikely...), but we shipped perl 5.005_03 as part of Solaris 8, 5.6.1 will be in Solaris 9. Perl is included in the base OS, and you can even write JumpStart scripts in perl if you wish (it is in the Solaris install image). The kstat(1) command is a perl script, as are the proj[add|del|mod] commands. We also use perl in several parts of the Solaris build environment. We have an active internal perl mailing list, at least one internal CPAN mirror that I know of. In short, yes we use it too!

      Like most other folks, we use perl because it makes our lives easier :-)

  • "Duct Tape of the Internet" was from the webmaster. So, Perl's already gotten a lot from Sun. {grin}
    • Randal L. Schwartz
    • Stonehenge