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  • This

    perl -MData::Dumper -MNet::Twitter -sle'BEGIN{ print "$user => $pass" } print Dumper( Net::Twitter->new( user => $u, pass => $pass)->user_timeline() )' -- -user=perigrin -pass=ImSol33t

    gives me the same error while

    perl -MData::Dumper -MNet::Twitter -sle'BEGIN{ print "$user => $pass" } print Dumper( Net::Twitter->new( user => $u, pass => $pass)->user_timeline({count => 3) )' -- -user=perigrin -pass=StillL33t

    does not (although it doesn't return usable data eithe

  • I'd say something is up with twitter. friends_timeline requests are working fine and they return a superset of what user_timeline returns. [] prompts for authentication in a browser but [] doesn't.
  • At the end of last week I gave up maintainership of Net::Twitter. Since the latest version available is still my code, I guess I've got some responsibility here. I'm absolutely stumped. This has to be something on Twitter's side, though I can't think of how it's being triggered. On the same box, perl doesn't work and wget does. Same URL, same auth, even the same useragent, which I hacked. By documentation, user_timeline only returns the last 24 hours, but it's returning all for wget. I wish I had a more
    • Thanks for the update. I was going to file a bug report, but wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something stupid, first. I've filed a bug with Twitter. Hopefully I'll hear something, too.

      • Adding this at about line 50 or so in fixes the problem in a messy kinda way.

        use MIME::Base64;
        $conf{ua}->default_header( "Authorization" => "Basic " . encode_base64( $conf{"username"} . ":" . $conf{"password"} ) );
        • This is 100% twitterfail. The user_timeline API method is not returning the HTTP 401 response to challenge for authentication. I've dropped a note to the API mailing list, Alex is usually pretty good at reading that and getting quick fixes in. As I said earlier, this is the sort of thing that prompted me to transfer the module on to someone else.
  • I use the module for the "cpan_linked" Twitter-bot that spools out CPAN upload notices with links to the page and (when findable) the Changelog. I've had a lot of problems that when examined closely were pretty clearly not the fault of Net::Twitter, but rather the, err, twits themselves.

    For example, when the bot tries to send an update while Twitter is down, it gets a response of "500 Server Error".

    In the message body.

    The response code/message is not indicative of an error.



  • But I found two things:

    1) user_timeline() returns an arrayref, not an array (docs are unclear)

    2) If you pass an ID explicitly to user_timeline() it seems to work, even if the ID is the same as the authenticating user and is therefore redundant. For instance, this works:

        my $username = 'cwinters';
        my $password = 'blah';
        my $tw = Net::Twitter->new( username => $username,