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  • RSI (Score:3, Insightful)

    by gnat (29) on 2002.04.15 17:23 (#7021) Journal
    Stop typing now, go see a doctor. If you don't deal with it now, the chances are you will be crippled.

    I had chronic pain around 1994. I couldn't type properly for a month. It was hell--I'd slowly hunt and peck with one finger to avoid aggravating the condition. It was caused by bad posture--typing on the laptop in the evenings, slouched on the couch.

    The cure was three-fold: stop doing what aggravated it, get a better setup for future work because now my hands are very sensitive to even minor desk/chair misconfigurations, and get massage and exercises to regain strength and undo as much of the damage as possible.

    To this day it still bothers me. I have pins and needles occasionally, and I know to stop and stretch. It takes me forever to get a comfy setup in a new location. But I'm aware of what I have to do to prevent my livelihood from vanishing. My mother got RSI from quilting and had next to no strength in her hands by the time she was 45--taking something from her is as easy as from a baby.

    Blah blah, so much to do. You're not so important you can't use the phone to communicate and suspend work on your projects for a month. If you think otherwise, it's just ego. Pull your head out of your hole and get yourself to a doctor, on the double.


    • I have to second Nat, STRONGLY. Seek help now before it's too late(run don't walk). I was fairly lucky, my tendonitis was caught early enough not to require surgery, but late enough that it still bothers me from time to time if I'm not careful(read this to mean I did not seek help immediately, I honestly can't stress this enough). Also, I happen to know a former programmer who had to retire at age 46 because he could no longer type. Yes, it does happen.

      Posture is going to be the major change. I would

    • A note of Brian Eno's (in Year with Swollen Appendices) on how to achieve good typing posture:

      "The computer [he was using some Mac and presumably MacOS] crashes so regularly, taking with it all the work since the last crash, that I have to find a way of reminding myself to save all the time. I do this by balancing a book on my head while I'm working. It falls off so often that I remember to save. Interesting spin-off – in order to keep the book there at all I have to sit well, and move