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  • Most of this news coverage has taken the form of Tony Blair speaking on behalf of Parliment, and Parliment speaking on behalf of the British people.

    Tony Blair is deliberately misrepresenting British public opinion. The opinion polls are mostly showing the majority of the British population don't support the war (at least, not without another UN resolution).

    On what grounds are the British people not supporting war in the gulf?

    It's not just in the UK. Much of Europe seems to have the same doubts. Ther

    • May I add my favourite reason ?
      • the continuous arrogance of US' foreign policy is going to fabricate more terrorists and Al Quaeda supporters.
      • Right, because doing nothing has made for less terrorists and Al Qaeda supporters ...
        • depends if you mean doing nothing about iraq or doing nothing about the middle east.

          Terrorists do not support saddam, saddam does not support terrorists - there is no link, at all. if the US and Isreali intelligence were any good they would have more useful information than :

          • Saddam has a small penis
          • Saddam has weapons of mass destruction (that we sold to him to use on muslim neighbours in iran but not isreal or other US allies) that have already been desteroyed by the UN.
          • Saddams grip on power is hel

          @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
          print reverse @JAPH;
          • we still don't have any actual evidence of Iraq commiting a serious breach of UN resolutions

            This is plainly false. Not even the leaders of France or Germany could say this with a straight face. After Powell's presentation, France did not say Iraq was not in breach; it accepted that Iraq was in breach, and said we should give them more time.

            You're simply making things up out of thin air. No serious person familiar with the facts believes that Iraq is not in serious breach. Both El Baradei and Blix have been very clear that Iraq has not been fully cooperating, that they have in fact been stonewalling UNSCOM and the IAEA. This is a serious breach, as noted in many resolutions, including the original 687 from March 1991 and the most recent 1441 from November 2002, which stated in no uncertain terms that Iraq must cooperate fully, without condition. No one contends Iraq has done this.

            It is true that since Powell's presentation, Iraq has been more cooperative. And they still have further to go. But to say there is no evidence they have committed a serious breach is just utter nonsense.

            unlike isreal which makes sure it breaks a UN resolution every day.

            It amazes me that anyone thinks this is a valid comparison. Iraq lost a war with the UN and agreed to disarm rather than be destroyed. Israel never fought a war with the UN, let alone lost one, and never agreed to the resolutions in question. The situations are not comparable.

            even the kurds don't want a war now that they have autonomy

            Autonomy which only exists as long as US forces enforce the no-fly zone. You want to see real genocide? Let the US pull out of Northern Iraq.