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  • 13 year olds take positions like this. Real adults have more complicated thinking that doesn't always neatly fall into one of two categories.

    Apologies for sounding indelicate...But this sounds like it might be an evaluation of Texans, not of people in general.

    In the communities where I've lived, there have been a huge number of public issues of discussion; generally, the news media collapse issues down to a few viewpoints, but at least when I talk to people, they often see things in many shades of grey.

    (Whew, especially here in Canada; first of all, people I've met love to talk at length; secondly, they love to see all sides of an issue... Yes I am aware this is a gross generalization).

    To me, seeing complex things as only black and white is a simplification, either for time/space considerations (in the media) or out of intellectual laziness/narrowness.

    For what it's worth, Toronto and Kitchener (where I live) both have smoking laws that forbid indoor smoking. Basically, an establishment is a restaurant (and smoke-free) or it's a bar/pub (and people under the age of 18 have to leave after ?8pm). Other than that, a place can attract whomever they like. A pub can serve food and attract a dinner crowd; they just can't have kids after 8pm. Seems like a fair answer to me (as a non-smoker who really appreciates the clear air in restaurants).

    I happen to belong to a faith that brings decision-making and seeing all sides of issues to an extreme level; I'm Quaker []. All group decisions are made by "Sense of the Meeting". Which is sort of like consensus, but it isn't consensus of what WE'd like to do, it's consensus of what we think God would like us to do.

    Quaker business meetings can feel really long, but they usually embody the antithesis of only seeing black and white in an issue.


    -DA []

    • Apologies for sounding indelicate...But this sounds like it might be an evaluation of Texans, not of people in general.

      No offense taken; you gave me a good laugh. Actually, though I gave the Dallas example, I'm also thinking particularly of people in Internet discussion sites like, say, slashdot. As I said in another comment, I like use Perl; because we are often such an exception to it.

      You make a good point about simplification. Sometimes we need such simplification. I can't learn everything abou

      J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
      • Yeah, slashdot... k5 ( used to be quite a nice place too. Then, it gained visibility. I read it sometimes but I haven't logged in since its defacement years ago.

        While I'm at it. This information about Quakers reminds me one of the sunnit branches of Islam (there are four main sunnit branches, not counting chiits, mutazilits, ismaelits, wahabbits, etc.) -- I don't remember which one -- : consensus is very important in their theology and legislation also. I don't know if it's actually comparable