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  • I'm interested. I have a lot of Perl programming experience (been programming Perl since 1996 and have over 20 modules on CPAN and many other Perl projects), and also programmed for Win32. I also have a lot of experience in C Programming.

    I'm not too familiar with the perl5 internals/XS/API, though, but I'm a smart guy and can learn them.

    If you're interested in giving me the grant, you can contact me [] and we'll discuss it further.

  • I contact the guy that did the PXPerl distro. It is really good already but he is a student looking for money. Hopefully he will apply and be accepted. []
    • Hi, I am the author of PXPerl. I'm indeed interested in this. I am going to (re-)write a proposal to TPF. Perhaps I'll be more successful this time :)
      • If I could vote I would vote for yours.
      • Are you planning on resubmitting for PXPerl, or attacking this by starting from Vanilla and going from there.

        Because in trying to work on PXPerl's build stuff, before we had to abandon it and look for fresh approachs, I was getting comments that some of it was doing some very crazy and evil thing.

        One of the key points of my challenge to find a replacement for PXPerl was that it had to be reproducable. Someone else needed to be able to come along and keep maintaining it, so that we didn't suffer from the ris
        • I am completely aware of what PXPerl is lacking: everything is made by hand and that's definitely not convenient nor contributable nor reproducable. But when I started PXPerl, I just didn't want to start another more ambitious project that I would forsake 2 months later, unfinished.
          The current drawback is that, justly, practically no one can contribute to it, and anyway I don't want to because it's way too crafty (and I am curious about your "evil" thing... I haven't had such feedback).

          Given that, I started
          • I believe some of the comments I got mentioned some really ugly hardcoded build paths, that might it very difficult to even reverse engineer the improvements to it.

            I wouldn't be too surprised that you didn't hear, the rule of complaints is that you only ever hear 1 out of 10 in any case, and I don't know of more than 3 or 4 people that looked at the internals.

            PXPerl certainly helped I think, there's nothing like having a prize laid out before you, almost completed, and then have it snatched away, to drive p
  • That CamelPack makes Perl on Windows easy [].

    I tried the windows installer and it failed to install, but I was going to try it on another machine before I told anyone that it didn't work for me. It also looks like there's enough information on the CamelPack [] site to try and install manually in case it's just some odd Installer problem.
    • And indeed the CamelPack is almost the ideal short term solution.

      For anyone currently wanting to do Windows developer, for now you should be using that.

      Vanilla -> Strawberry is more of a "CamelPack done right", without taking all the shortcuts. Better for the long term, even if it doesn't work now.
  • Hey- I'm a fairly novice perl user, and my work schedule is crazy, so I can't do any sort of heavy-lifting but, I've got an itch I need scratched (perl on win32) so, if there was anything specific you needed bug tested, I'd like to help. I'm just not really sure about how to start. Anyway, thanks-
    • Hi there!

      And thanks for the offer.

      I'm hoping to sort out a wiki shortly, and I expect we'll have some sort of bug tracking page there.