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  • How can it be easier to put your Perl code in Mason components instead of Perl modules?

    I asked myself the exact same thing reading through the Mason book, but this stuff is used plenty by people way more experienced than I am -- there have to be good reasons, even if I don't understand them quite yet. I don't quite have a complete answer in my mind yet concerning the modules question, but the start of it is something like this: If you've got lots and lots and lots of Perl modules, it might be really ha


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    • I've used HTML::Mason a lot. In fact I'm still mainting quite complex web site powered by HTML::Mason which I started working on about two years ago. My experience is that putting Perl code for anithing other than HTML generation in Mason components is reciept for disaster. Maintaing Perl modules is much easier than Perl code in Mason components.

      I think HTML::Mason crowd fails a prey of coolness factor. I cannot explain it why but when I discovered HTML::Mason for first time (it must be around 0.6x versio


      Ilya Martynov ( [])

      • s/fill/feel/g :)

        Ilya Martynov ( [])

      • So put your code in Perl modules. A Mason app with most of it's code in Perl modules will look more or less like a TT app with most of it's code in Perl modules.

        The difference, of course, is that you can break the MVC model when you want to. If you want to all the time, then you'll probably have a mess. But I think 100% MVC is pretty bogus. You jump through ridiculous hoops just to generate the data structures that you pass to your templates, which then iterate through the data structure. You end up c
        • Sorry If I was not clear enough: I was objecting in putting Perl code in Mason components for purposes other than templating.

          If you strickly put all other Perl code in Perl modules then yes, it is almost same as with TT2 (though personally I think it provides much better syntax but it is another story).


          Ilya Martynov ( [])

  • MasonX::Request::HTMLTemplate have been released on CPAN and .. I fail to see the point.

    Me too... but, somebody had an itch... and this seems to fix it for them.

    Who knows, it may help someone else too.

    How can it be easier to put your Perl code in Mason components instead of Perl modules?

    This is a control issue.

    You don't always want to give a web developer the ability to install modules into the "official" web server path... so, putting all of your Perl code into modules becomes non-trivial.