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  • Reenforcing your point, here's a link to a (well known) sober page with collected responses by female attendees [].

    The main reason to include it here, is because a few days ago I tried to find it back, and it took me quite a while to find it. Google doesn't search too well for a word like "_why", as it always drops the underscore.

  • So it seems the Ruby community is following along in the same footsteps as Perl, just a few years later. From experiencing the perils of AUTOLOAD and monkey patching to doing stupid things like porn references at conferences.

    Well, from what I've seen they'll never catch up on the last one.

    • The big difference is that when Adam did a similar thing, he apologized soon after. While making a mistake like that is unfortunate, making a mistake like that, and then defending it (and seeing it defended by others) is much, much worse.

      Kudos to Adam for admitting to making a mistake.

      • Perl also doesn't have Larry or anyone else writing, apparently with a straight face, Hitler had Eva -- and I'm cuter, so get over it [].

        • The post you've linked to is certainly short-sighted w.r.t how existing norms keep women out of programming, however it doesn't appear to include the quote you're linking with. A search [] for "Hitler" doesn't find anything that matches either. Do you have a better link?

          • That's the right link. I was mocking the argument there with the least appropriate analogy I could imagine.

  • Everyone else is alienated. If it's male, heterosexual porn; then the straight women, queer men and anyone who just doesn't like porn get the very clear message that they're different and not included.

    I completely agree. But as I'm in the last category on your list, that technically means that I don't agree with all of this bit :-)

    Porn, although a wonderful and fun thing, should be private; or at most - shared with close friends in an intimate setting.

    I just don't like it. I'm strange. But the technical inn

  • I think this is a case where you can actually say "Won't somebody think of the children?"
  • Sigh... For me there was a certain sad irony that the reason I put up the porn/erotica/semantic-definition-du-jour image in the first place was to intentionally distract the audience. :(

    As you noted, it worked. It just worked far far far far better than I would ever have intended it to. What I had hoped would be a 10 second distraction as a joke punchline turned into a 2 month long distraction.

    As another data point for your collection of information on this topic, I think I can identify the female equivalen

  • Matt's talk was tame compared to this [] Flash conference incident.
    • The example I referenced, at the conference I organised, was tame relative to Matt's talk too.

      I'm not sure how to read your response. If you're alerting me to what happened this past week at the flashbelt conference; thank you. It's a shame this kind of thing could happen in such close time proximity. I was reading about it earlier today, and have yet to see if Hoss Gifford is going to apologise or if he'll leave his twitter comment as good enough. Fortunately I haven't (yet) seen people suggesting th

      • It was just an alert. Don't read too much into it.
        • That's what I expected, thanks for the clarification.

          By the way, I agree entirely. Although I did not see it, Hoss' talk is by far the most offensive and juvenile I've heard of (and well beyond what I would like to think I'd stay in a room to watch). I think it'd be difficult to make a more misogynistic-sounding, yet still sort of technical talk; but I won't say that it'd be impossible lest someone take it as a challenge.

          I'm planning to role-play the situation a few times so that should I ever been i