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  • I use Firefox with Adblock Plus, so I never see ads. I wouldn't mind a website using ads too much, as long as they aren't invasive and demeaning. However, that ad was very demeaning. I'm happy you complained about it.

    • I disagree, and so does my girlfriend FWIW. How is this advertising demeaning? Have you (plural) talked with the women on the picture¹? Do they really think that they are in a position that does not give them the respect they deserve², or are you just making a presumption on their behalf?

      Too bad Google only provides a mechanism for complaining ( []), but not for cancelling or counter-balancing a complaint. I cannot just as simply file a notice with them,

      • I'm going to try to take it one by one:

        If you noted your girlfriend's disapproval as just another person, that's fine. I'm assuming a lot of people agree with me and a lot of people agree with you. If you noted her because she's a female, my answer would be the same. My girlfriend (who, happens to be a woman as well), disagrees with you. Does that mean anything? No. My dad would always say that children in China are not poor, because they have jobs. Whether the children think they "have it going on" because

        • Are you with your girlfriend because she has the right measurements, or do you care at all about her personality? I'm not saying I would date sasquach, but I would definitely say that measurements are not the way to choose a person you would like to be with.

          This question is entirely demeaning to daxim. From his post, you have no reason to suspect daxim of this or any similar character flaw. You might as well accuse him of wife-beating and date rape. You have just as much evidence for those charges as for this.

          How in the world did you get from daxim's post to "Trying to minimize an entire world by the physical measurements is demeaning. ... The entire worth of a person is not in the body he/she has, it's not in their technical or conversational capabilities"

          J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
          • My question to daxim was rhetorical, completely rhetorical. I'm sorry you failed to notice it. I hope he did not.

            A person is an entire world. These ads for a bride specify nothing by size measurements. That's how I got to "trying to minimize an entire world by the physical measurements is demeaning." I was trying to explain why I think it's demeaning, since he asked.

            He asked a question, I tried to answer.

            If daxim found my response offending (which it wasn't, it was a sincere explanation and started with a r