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  • As promised, I didn't make it to the meeting. However, my one loyal friend and fellow Perl Monger, Dan, did attend and dutifully logged into our IRC channel, on Freenode.

    18:54:58 * sirhc hopes someone logs in from the meeting
    19:52:44 -!- drisse [n=dan@] has joined
    19:52:51 <@sirhc> hey!
    19:52:57 < drisse> howdy!
    19:53:04 <@sirhc> i didn't think anyone was going to log on
    19:53:28 < drisse> hehe, I was a bit late is all, and waited until I finished eating
    19:53:56 <@sirhc> probably a good call
    19:54:01 <@sirhc> greasy keyboards suck
    19:54:19 <@sirhc> so how's the meeting?
    19:54:56 < drisse> it's pretty interesting
    19:55:05 <@sirhc> cool
    19:55:11 < drisse> There are 6 of us here, 3 of which I've never seen before
    19:55:16 <@sirhc> nice
    19:56:30 <@sirhc> what's being discussed?
    19:57:03 <@sirhc> apparently every bar in canada has hoegaarden on tap
    19:57:07 <@sirhc> i'm very happy here
    19:57:31 < drisse> a few strange issues with sending messages not using the from address but using the userid of the current process
    19:57:55 <@sirhc> that's typical when using sendmail or what-not
    19:58:04 <@sirhc> need to pass a flag to read the headers from stdin
    19:58:06 < drisse> Bar Camp, which is some sort of open conference that happened last week
    19:58:26 < drisse> no, it was using SMTP via some standard CPAN module
    19:58:37 <@sirhc> ah
    20:01:22 < drisse> I found a bug with Readonly today
    20:01:40 <@sirhc> what's the bug?
    20:01:51 < drisse> This doesn't make the variable Readonly correctly:
    20:03:23 < drisse> Readonly my $foo_rh => { a => 1 };
    20:04:52 <@sirhc> tricky
    20:05:01 <@sirhc> i bet you couldn't assign a new reference to $foo_rh
    20:05:46 < drisse> yeah, that was my guess too
    20:05:59 < drisse> that it wasn't a deep readonly, just a single level one
    20:06:11 <@sirhc> but it breaks entirely?
    20:06:38 < drisse> Not breaks, as much as doesn't break
    20:06:52 < drisse> This runs without throwing errors:
    20:07:03 < drisse> Readonly my $foo_rh => { a => 1 };
    20:07:12 < drisse> $foo_rh->{a} = 2;
    20:08:55 <@sirhc> i'd expect as much. does 2 get assigned?
    20:09:07 < drisse> I actually figured out how to patch it and correct it already and sent a patch of the .pm file and the .t file, so with luck it will be fixed shortly
    20:09:20 <@sirhc> nice
    20:14:07 < drisse> Now we're talking about ways to resize images
    20:14:26 <@sirhc> ImageMagick is great for that
    20:14:28 < drisse> Image::Magick doesn't seem to work efficiently.
    20:14:38 <@sirhc> in what way?
    20:14:53 < drisse> Someone thought it would be worth exploring using PDL instead
    20:14:53 <@sirhc> i've had some success with Imager, but haven't used it much
    20:37:55 <@sirhc> well, it's late here and i have another late morning, so i'm going to crash
    20:38:05 <@sirhc> enjoy the rest of the meeting. say hi for me
    20:38:07 < drisse> alright
    20:38:14 < drisse> talk to you later
    20:38:17 <@sirhc> see ya
    20:43:21 < drisse> you are being mocked mercilessly for going to bed early
    20:48:07 -!- drisse [n=dan@] has quit []