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  • ...would be to get a professional designer to create a real logo and a site template, imo this is long overdue.
    And by professional designer i mean someone prominent, like Jon Hicks.
    • The logo we already have. The onion can be used really well and in different ways.

      It's the site template, done in a way that we people making up new websites can easily integrate, that we badly need.

      • A proposed redesign for, created by Andy Wardley the last time this discussion happened: []

        A few different people tried to contact pudge with no response, so plans/hopes to improve the looks of use.perl were abandoned.

        Trying to do something useful with the wave of enthusiasm for Perl websitey things, at Digital Craftsmen we built this: []

        Which obviously uses a modified version of Andy's design. Meanwhile, Andy was working on a re

        Perl is Alive []
        • Most of Andy's changes were meaningless cosmetic changes, and I simply don't care about that, and don't have the time to give to shepherding through things that to me are unimportant. I have too many actually important things to ignore! I know a lot of you care deeply about how shiny a web page is. I am not one of these people. I don't apologize for it, and I find it odd that your perception of the site would be so drastically impacted by that.

          As to the lack of news that Alias mentioned, I've many times

          • "I simply don't care... I also don't care"

            Thanks for getting so efficiently to the root of the problem.

            • You appear to be trying to criticize me, but I don't think you actually are.

              • You think wrongly.

                Allow me to rephrase it in a way that you can understand: you have your head so far up your own ass you could kiss your own tonsils. Hope this helps.

                • Nope, you've confirmed I was right all along. You were not, in fact, criticizing me. You were trying to, but you did not. You think it is a criticism of me that I don't care about such things. It's not. You think that the fact that I don't care about such things means I "have my head up my ass." You are wrong.

                  I could, of course, say the exact same thing to you, from my perspective: anyone who thinks a "shiny" web page makes a lick of difference, and actually cares about such things, has his head up his ass. Ho ho, look how clever I am! But as with your statement, I could not substantiate such a stupid claim. Matters of opinion about the importance of aesthetics are not worthy of such inane insults.

                  It's odd to me that anyone thinks their opinion should be reflected by me, or that I have a significant obligation to the "community" to care. I set up this site and invited people to it, and they used it and it was good. I don't owe anyone anything, and I will not feel compelled to care about something just because you want me to. I have a very busy life, and I refuse -- in any aspect of it -- to be bullied into caring about something I am not prone to care about on my own.

                  Like I said, it's very odd to me. Regardless, I still don't care meanigless cosmetic changes, and unless you can give me a rational reason to do so -- fat chance there -- my feelings about it are not going to change.