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  • I too spent more than a few hours hacking bugzilla into something more usuable, and have recently revisited it with the Mayfly project - essentially porting it to Class::DBI and Maypole.

    I haven't had a chance to build the maypole side yet but I have some CDBI classes that work with an existing bugzilla database.

    I am giving very serious thought to breaking backwards compatbility and providing a migration script rather than keeping the bugzilla database exactly as it is.

    let me know what other bits you'd like

    @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
    print reverse @JAPH;
    • Well, if mayfly doesn't fix the serious usability issues with bugzilla's interface, not mentioning the unability to write plugins and so on, I don't think it's worth considering. Have higher goals! Even if your project approaches 10% of RT it will still be much better than the bugzilla abomination.
      • Mayfly totally replaces the user interface, and will bring in elements of rt (which having used both has plenty of annoyances of its own) and trac, as well as ideas from timesheet and project management applications I have used.

        This is why it will break backwards compatibility and require a migration script.

        But you do know that bugzilla is trivial to hack on, right? The pages are all TT and the code was simple to modify last time I worked with it.


        @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
        print reverse @JAPH;
        • But you do know that bugzilla is trivial to hack on, right? The pages are all TT and the code was simple to modify last time I worked with it.

          I advise anyone considering believing that statement to download Bugzilla and read Bugzilla/,, and buglist.cgi; then try to determine what you need to do to add a searchable and displayable parameter.

          Extrapolate that thought, then, to 200 or so source files.
          • I just replaced the search page with a bunch of more useful summary pages and simpler searches. Wasn't hard at all.

            The big search page is scary and horrible and best ignored.

            @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
            print reverse @JAPH;
      • I have been thinking about setting up a bug tracker and a support ticket/tracker and have been mentally debating whether or not these two needs should be served by a single application. I usually think of RT as being more in the support ticket category but obviously it can be used for both ( How well, though, does it compare against other tools designed specifically for bug tracking?
  • Ouch. I knew the hearsay that Bugzilla was terrible, but not that terrible. Small wonder they have security holes to fix at every step and turn.

  • Ozeranski said it best (when he was replying to Jimmy the Tulip, over Jimmy's comment about the tomato plants):


    (but you have to have seen the movie so you can picture the inflection, and his face. :)