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  • I'm looking forward to you in-depth review of the actual codebases and not just syntextual suger, as you are probably aware some of the some competitors has re-implemented a lot of existing mature codebases on CPAN, such as RFC: 2109, 2388, 2616, 4627, etc.

    And simple thing like I/O and syscalls (logging error reporting) etc...

    -- chansen

    • See comment below please.
    • I won't be reviewing their code unless, for some reason, some failure takes me chasing down into it in the debugger.

      However, I may end up commenting on their APIs and naming if it sticks out as unusual

    • A code review may not be as useful. What users almost always want to know is:

      • Does it do what I need?
      • Is it easy to learn?
      • Can I trust it? (less so on this one, unless they'll be using it for the long haul)

      One issue with code reviews is that reviews are terribly subjective []. If I have a different take on how to approach a problem, I might very well ding someone on a review because I didn't understand/appreciate their code.

  • Such an in depth review would be amazing and very helpful, but i think it might be a bit too much for this competition.
    Maybe we can find a GSOC student to give it a try! :)
    Btw. "use Mojolicious::Lite" activates strict and warnings.

    P.S: Website should be fixed and all examples have been updated to use "app->start" instead of "shagadelic". (Lets face it, inside jokes are not fun for new users)
  • Thanks for this excellent start to the competition. I really appreciate that you're focusing on the viewpoint of a new user rather than an experienced developer.

    This is particularly evident in the fact that some of your HTML is showing through rather than being rendered properly :) (e.g., <a href=""> 100-Mojo</a> instead of 100-Mojo []).

    • It was very very late, and I wasn't paying enough attention obviously :)

      Layout and spelling/grammar/etc nigglies fixed hopefully.

  • Savyer X in blog post Stepping up to the plate [] wrote:

    Adam Kennedy has declared a contest between Dancer and Mojolicious. Seems to me like a great idea. We'll both get a chance to learn from each other, show our strengths and try to work on our exposed weaknesses.


    Right now, Dancer cannot participate in the challenge. The reason is since Adam uses Windows and Dancer doesn't install on Windows. It isn't that Dancer is not Windows-compatible, it's just that it uses HTTP::Server::Simple::PSGI [], which us

    • I gave them a chance to fix that particular issue, and I even used the patched version of HTTP::Server::Simple they gave me.

      The installation failed for another completely different reason.

  • Hi Adam

    I'll let other discuss the code.

    As for 'pair shaped', it should be 'pear-shaped', since it really describes a woman with too much bulk on her hips and thighs.


  • My Win7 machine gives the same errors.
    The new Strawberry Perl for Windows has been released! Check for it.
  • From Dancer::Cookbook "Note that you don't need to use the strict and warnings pragma, they are already loaded by Dancer." So it saves space, like Modern::Perl, which would be a bonus for me. To all users of Perl on Windows. Maybe it works with the latest (beta/RC) version of strawberry perl. At least here it works. [] This competition is a great idea! I've never ever used one of these before I read about the competition. The reason is that nearly nobody was talking about
    • This is actually the case for Mojolicious as well.
      • I guess it would be better, if every module used Modern::Perl, so it is more visible. I also had to find this statement first. Will create some Dancer and Modern::Perl packages for linux distros and pkgsrc.
      • Then both can win from either of the following:
        1) a comment in hello world example, for example: "no need in use strict or use warnings as above does that for you"
        2) every line in the example with comments
        3) example without comments and with comments

        By the way Alias doesn't sound like a newbie :) Who knows about CPAN testers during his first month programming in perl.

  • use'ing Modern::Perl also means I have to be running Perl 5.10 or later. It'd be a shame to prevent people on older Perls from using Dancer. I'd suggest keeping it as it is. I don't see the big deal; either spend 2 minutes reading the documentation and work out that 'use Dancer;' loads the strict and warnings pragmas for you, or do it in your code (redundantly) as Alias has done. Please don't force me to use a particular version of Perl for some kind of bogus "consistency" argument.
    • apologies - that was supposed to be in reply to 'Re:use strict/warnings and Windows' by reezer.
    • M::P doesn't prevent people from running on earlier versions of Perl. It only means they have to know how to do so.