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  • iTunes doesn't store all comments in the 'COM ' tag. It stores textual comments (ie the ones edited via the command-I tag inspector) in a proper 'COMM' header. What it does store in 'COM ' is the CDDB2 discid.

    I suspect that's why it defaults to id3v2.2, where tag IDs are three letters (and 'COM' is therefore valid). Why it *doesn't* convert this particular 'COM ' to 'COMM' I don't know.

    This also explains why it only occurs on some mp3s, as only mp3s ripped by a CDDB2 client writing id3v2.2 tags which are
    • You didn't write it up! Eye keel j00! No, that's OK, it didn't take me long to find it. But yes, I noticed that it stored the user-specified comment in COMM. It's quite broken.

      I am adding a new type of "mode" for get_mp3tag() which returns all the ID3v2 information it can. It is dissimilar from the plain get_mp3tag in that it returns more than just the ID3v1 frame types, and different from the older "raw_v2" mode in that it does the text encoding (and other manipulative) stuff to the data. It also converts the frame ID to the English name, so "COM " has to have its own English name:
      [pudge@bourque mp3]$ perl -MMP3::Info -MData::Dumper -wle '$Data::Dumper::Indent = 0; print Dumper get_mp3tag(shift,2,2)' freddie\ copy.mp3
      $VAR1 = {
        'Encoded by' => 'SoundJam v2.5.2',
        'Comments' => 'testing',
        'Album/Movie/Show title' => 'In Yo\' Face: The History Of Funk, Vol 1',
        'Broken iTunes comments' => [
          {'SoundJam_CDDB_1' => 'E10C780F+3194+15+182+13090+34542+47535+65042+78652+93250+108142+123545+140710+1 63947+177250+193442+209585+223610'},
          {'SoundJam_CDDB_TrackNumber' => '9'}
        'TAGVERSION' => 'ID3v2.4.0',
        'Content type' => 'Funk',
        'Title/songname/content description' => 'Freddie\'s Dead (Theme from Superfly)',
        'Track number/Position in set' => '9/15',
        'Composer' => 'testing2',
        'Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)' => 'Mayfield, Curtis'
      I suppose I could have put the "COM " stuff in with "COMM," but I prefer to be slightly vindictive. Of course, if this were ID3v2.2.0, the regular comment and the broken iTunes comments would be together:
        'Comments' => [
          {'SoundJam_CDDB_1' => 'E10C780F+3194+15+182+13090+34542+47535+65042+78652+93250+108142+123545+140710+1 63947+177250+193442+209585+223610'},
          {'SoundJam_CDDB_TrackNumber' => '9'}
      (The user-defined comment doesn't have a description, so it is not a hashref, just a plain string.)

      While we are on the subject ... it looks like I am not going to do ID3v2 writing for this version of MP3::Info. I have a bunch of other patches, and I am going to get those polished up and out the door first, then come back to ID3v2 writing. I hate having to put too many changes into one release if I can help it ...