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  • While these are not Windows specific issues but it would be nice to see more web based APIs of Microsoft implemented in Perl and available on CPAN. For example I recently looked at the maps [] and the Bing Maps API [] but as far as I can tell there is no Perl version for these.

    Do they have an API to get a list of Points of Interest around a set of coordinates?

  • by aero (8351) on 2010.08.20 2:48 (#72327)
    I heard that Azure officially supports PHP,Ruby,Python(?).. but Perl.
    Why ?
  • If they saw a demo of some of Perl 6's features (fibonacci in a single line, for example) they might get excited about the idea of helping with Perl 6 on .NET (see "backend diversity" at []).
  • by Mike__B (9774) on 2010.08.20 13:55 (#72332)
    I would LOVE it if there would be better IIS support for Perl, either by supporting FastCGI and bundling StrawberryPerl in the Microsoft Web platform, or by supporting Plack in IIS. Oh man that would rock!
  • Is the "CPAN Testing Lab" that virtual machine/VNC thing you mentioned some time ago for authors to use to test their code using? I tried using it, but found it to be impossible, because for something to be a viable debugging environment you need more than just perl. You need a usable editor (which Notepad ain't); you need tools like grep etc; you need to be able to easily find stuff. Now, maybe all of those things do exist and I was just looking in the wrong places, but if MS are going to take interoperability seriously, then they need to look hard at the human factors. They can't expect people who don't know Windows very well (but do know other OSes) to get much out of what I understand was an "out of the box" Windows installation.

    It's also rather annoying to have to use a heavyweight GUI client to talk to the machines. I don't need to see the entire Windows desktop merely to test and debug my perl code. In fact, I don't *want* to see the whole Windows desktop, as it takes up valuable screen space that is better dedicated to a web browser so I can google for what all the cryptic error messages mean or for things like how to find a file on Windows. Being able to see both at the same time is far more productive than having to flip back and forth between windows that cover each other. They need a terminal interface that I can cut n paste to/from.