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  • I don't try Padre because (1) it's a pain in the ass to install on Snow Leopard via CPAN or .dmg; and (2) I have no reason to use a Perl-specific text editor when I pay the bills with things that are at least partly not Perl. The Google juice from a bunch of fanboys posting "X, the Y IDE" will not encourage me to use X.

    • What does your rant have to do with your subject line? Is the default OSX Perl compiled without threads? How does your rant address Adams post?

      PS: I'm a vim user and will always be. I write C++ more or less all day. Yet when I have to refactor an icky bit of Perl, I switch editors because I'll take all the help I can get. Works fine for me. Doesn't have to work for you. Tough luck, get on.

      • "... and Padre changes the Perl community." I'll let you figure this one out for yourself.

        I use Emacs, but am interested in editors, so I check them out from time to time. I tried Padre last month, and had to substitute my own Perl to get it to launch (I forget if it was a threading or 64-bit-only issue). I eventually ended up with a half-assed text editor with some non-compelling features.

        • You really don't have to explain why you are not trying Padre. The majority of the Perl community have not tried it (yet) and that's totally ok.

          IMHO "changing the Perl community" did not mean every Perl hacker now will have to use Padre.

          I never thought Padre would catch any measurable part of the vim/emacs users to change their editor. Maybe once in a while, as tsee mentioned, they will use it and maybe they will recommend it to novices.

          So the major change can come from:

          1. New people coming in to the Perl community who are not familiar with vim/emacs and still getting a reasonably good Perl aware editor.
          2. Existing Perl hackers (including vim/emacs users) understanding that novices might be better off with Padre than a text editor.

          Padre, the Perl IDE [] is coming mainly from me I think. You might excuse me of being a fan boy of Padre.

          • Existing Perl hackers (including vim/emacs users) understanding that novices might be better off with Padre than a text editor.

            At least in the long term, they aren't. Someone adept at hacking FORTRAN, C, Perl, Java, LaTeX, and BASH is much more employable than someone who can only hack Perl.

            Padre, the Perl IDE []

            LOL. Even replying to a post criticizing your shameless pimping of some Perl module, you couldn't resist pimping it.