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  • I wonder if one thing holding people back on mod_perl is uncertainty as Apache and mod_perl move to version 2. I know that I personally don't even understand anymore which version of Apache is current and if version 2 is considered to be "released." I've been hearing about version 2 since 2001 or so, but it still seems to be the "development" version. And I hear vaguely that version 2 changes a lot of things, so this may have contributed to the fact that I haven't investigated mod_perl, yet. Perhaps man

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    • by stas (3281) on 2004.06.08 10:05 (#31353) Homepage
      We are almost there with 2.0.

      I'm currently working on finalizing the API. That means - getting *all* of the API fully tested and documented. I think I'm about half way through.

      Once this is done, there will be an API freeze. Then we need to fix a few remaining bugs (listed in todo/release file in the source distro) and then we will start releasing release candidates.

      I really hope to get most of this done somewhere this summer. Of course if we get help we can accomplish that faster. But so far noone has offered such, that's why things are moving not as fast as we'd like them to. Documenting and testing some 400 methods is not a quick thing to do.

      To answer your question: "Which version of Apache/mod_perl should I be using?" The answer is the sooner you start testing mod_perl 2.0, the sooner you will be able to move to it in production. That's because if there are any bugs, the sooner you report them, the sooner they will be fixed. And for the API changes, that should be over pretty soon.

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      • Sadly, there is still a big uncertainty what the entire point of apache 2, aside from furious wanking from the apache foundation, is. Yes, users of inferior operating systems will see a big speed improvement, but if you don't, there is no point as far as I can see.
        • Well, TPF has Perl6, the Apache Foundation has apache2/mod_perl2....but there are still p5 and apache/mod_perl to consider. Glass houses all around the village square.
          • Indeed, I do however fail to see how this answer relates to my question. What is the point of apache 2? Please do not get into a point of what perl 6 is, because I cannot answer that.
            • Well, considering I'm in the camp of folks who don't really think there is an inherent meaning or point to life itself aside from the basics of life and reproduction, I'm probably not the best person to give an answer other than what folks give as a reason or justification for climbing Mt. Evererst: Because they can. If everything you did had a point to it, life would be rather dull.
              • Surely, the point of life is to argue endlesslessssly in different forums?
                • Naw, it just keeps you occupied instead of bothering the rest of the planet who couldn't care less. :) Having a purpose doesn't usually imply a point.