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  • From my reading, the writer is fairly right-wing, what with the underlying assumption that American foreign interventions are generally a good thing, but they need to be done right. I'd strongly disagree with that, but ...

    The fact that someone who is relatively right is still saying that the Bush administration is completely fscking things up ought to a big alarm to anyone, no matter their political leanings.
    • Yes, I would have to agree - our actions will have international ramifications for decades to come.

      Last two paragraphs of the 1st section:

                      In one respect, I believe that the Bush administration is right: this war will look better when it is over. The military campaign will probably be less difficult than many of Washington’s opponents think. Most important, it will reveal the nature of Saddam’s barbarous regime. Prisoners and political d

      • [Iraq, like Afghanistan, will be a better place after this is all done with]

        What the hell are you talking about? The US has completely abandoned Afghanistan, and things there are about as bad as they were under the Taliban! Have you actually ready anything about Afghanistan recently? I doubt it, since the mainstream US media hasn't really covered it for quite a while. So did you just make your assertion up? You must have, because it doesn't really coincide with reality.

        The RAWA (Revolutionary Women []
        • The US has NOT "completely abandoned Afghanistan" (what do you call the presence of troops (helping to rebuild the country and train the fledgling Afghan army), including Special Forces to continue to protect Karzai? Or what do you call the millions (billions?) of dollars of aid that the US has already provided Afghanistan?) and your statement or assertion (and dare I say ignorance or bias) almost prompts me to ignore the rest of this rant... almost.

          I took a look at the Web site you linked to and there ar
          • I didn't say Afghanistan was worse, I simply disagreed with your assertion that it will be a better place. Right now, over a year after the US "intervention", it is not meaningfully better. The articles I linked to suggest to me that it's unlikely to be better any time soon. Yes, there are historical reasons for this beyond the recent US bombing. One historical reason I'd point out is US funding of the Taliban (including Osama bin Laden) back when they were the mujahadin (sp?).

            We will see if the countr
            • autarch - First, I want to apologize for my previous response. I responded too quickly after reading your post and let my emotions get the better of me. I appreciate your input and your perspective - it at least pointed me to some insights on what's going on in Afghanistan (you're right - I don't get much news in terms of what's going on in Afghanistan).

              I read your linked article and it disgusts me that monetary aid goes towards new buildings, air-conditioned jeeps, but not towards the people of Afghanistan. However, the article claims this as the "U.N. effect", not a "U.S. effect."

              The original Newsweek article brought up the Marshall Plan [], which the U.S. created after WW2 when sending aid to Europe and continues to use as a framework, it seems. We give the cash and other means of resources, and it's up to the receiving country(ies) to figure out what to do with it. The Newsweek article goes on to say that this bought us a tremendous amount of goodwill after WW2, so when it came to the Cold War, Europe found it easy to side with the U.S. with all of the pro-America warm-fuzziness going on.

              So while we both agree that Afghanistan is not worse, I will gladly agree that conditions in Afghanistan are the same (not better) if we both agree that Afghanistan has the means to become a better place (YAPC::Afghanistan 2010 ?) AND we both continue to raise awareness of the lack of progress in that direction and work towards progress, by praying, hoping and engaging others of its status.