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  • Either he cannot read Perl, which is his problem, or he does not read enough Perl. There is plenty of comprehensible Perl code out there. The only significantly obfuscated thing about my code, for example, is the occasional idiom, and the poor organization. The idioms are just about knowing the language; the poor organization is a problem in any language.

    As to his other problem, he comes from the perspective that Perl has significant inherent disadvantages, and that it is a necessary evil for programs
  • Until the last few opinionated sentences, I don't think it qualifies as flamebait or FUD at all. The Perl XML modules are a mess and a PITA to install and, if Jarkko's grumblings over Unicode and just how far Perl5 is from having real 'standard' Unicode support, then there may be some truth in what he says. I still really haven't figured out what XML is good for though either :)

    • I think he is missing that perl programmers tend to approach XML in a different manner to Java programmers.

      For example there are far more options in perl for parsing, creating, transforming and handling xml than in java.

      Not to mention perls ability to munge the data itself outside of validation. Why invoke all the overhead of an tree or parser object simply to output or parse in simple xml?

      For example I create Dia XML using Template Toolkit. Parsing info into an object and making the objects methods a

      @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
      print reverse @JAPH;
    1. What disadvantages?
    2. What inevitable obfuscation?

    That's strong enough to outweigh the disadvantages of Perl for these sorts of programs.

    Stated as an axiom, but what evidence is there? The only thing people ever say is, "I couldn't even read my own code a week later." Try to assemble a bibliography to support the statement that Perl has disadvantages. Eliminating misunderstandings about JAPHs being similar to standard programs and Perl being less efficient than C (see my post under the code profil

    J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
  • Elliotte is an interesting guy, but I've found him to be a little too opinionated at times.

    Yes, Perl has lagged a bit in terms of standardization of XML Processing modules when compared to Java. But that can be attributed to the nature of Java development vs. Perl development. Java developers tend to spend a lot of time creating one interface (e.g. SAX, DOM, JAXP) and then reimplement it a bunch of times. Technically, this is supposed to be better because the implementations are interchangeable and can