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  • "Why I Hate Advocacy" is being discussed on Slashdot [].
  • I can recognise far too much of what mjd critcises in myself and people I know. It's stuff I've been striving to fix ever since I read Nat's original article - thanks to mjd for making the problems even clearer.

    The only thing I would criticise about this article is the extended references to baseball, which I suspect will play really badly with anyone outside the US.... although they do work even if you're totally unfamiliar with the sport.

  • My other favorite language is UniVerse Pick Basic.
  • I voted for Common Lisp (which is actually my favorite language including Perl), but clearly on e of the choices should have been "There are other languages besides Perl?" :-)

  • I think Objective-C is nice, although I haven't had a chance to program in it, much. Regardless, I think it's very clean, and I love how dynamic it is. Maybe I'll put a GNUstep installation on my laptop and play around with it again. (...If only I didn't have so much work to do).
  • Smalltalk love ifTrue: [ horn honk ]
  • Standard ML is a very strong language and is a diamentral opposite choice from Perl in most ways: It is very strict typewise, it is pure functional and very oblivious. But, it is practical. And it is why I like both Perl and SML, since it is always about getting the job done and getting home before five. (Maybe that is why I write so strange Perl and so convoluted SML :-)
    -- I know Perl has many uses, but I use it mostly for programming.
  • If it wasn't for C I wouldn't have great things like Perl, Apache, and Linux to play with.
    use CPAN; # it works!
  • In case you hadn't noticed yet, there are two articles with the same ID: 00/12/14/1653200, namely the languages poll, and "New Articles".

    That'll teach you to post two articles at the same time. The ID appears to be date and time stamp, and nothing more.

    Time for some debugging!
  • I'm fond of Haskell, Gofer, Moscow ML, Caml-Light, and other functional programming languages.

    I also like to write sed, awk, and ksh scripts, though I keep trying to learn zsh and C...


    egret, no, egrep, no hamsters
  • These were my favourite languages in their times, which might at least show Perl doesn't have to be a young person's language.

    During the decade gap between PostScript and Perl, I did almost all my "programming" using the spreadsheet functions built into an obscure Macintosh app, RagTime 3, supplemented by a few tricky bits in Mathematica.

    Tony Smith, TransForum developer
    & Internet systems analyst, WaivCom Worldwide Limited, Melbourne, Australia
  • Yes it has its drawbacks - don't they all. However, the elegant program/data syntax and its goal/vision - programming in logic make it a friendly uncle to Perl. Prolog really should have been in the picklist.
  • JavaScript
    Were that I say, pancakes?
  • Language Links:
    Haskell []
    Gofer []
    Moscow ML []
    The CAML Family []
    egret, no, egrep, no hamsters
  • Ok, Please convince me and teach me