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  • LaTeX is great. If you need help, count on me.
  • You probably want the "lscape" package, which provides a "landscape" environment.
    • Unfortunately that only turns the content by 90 degrees, not the whole page layout. As such the headers and footers still appear in portrait mode. Yeah I tried that ;)

      • Do you want text to flow on and off the landscape pages? If not, I'd suggest just concatenating separate documents, and using "\setcounter{page}{N}" to get the page numbering right. If so, it's hard to understand exactly what you want to happen, since LaTeX can move text around a lot when formatting.
  • I might be misreading what you're seeking, but maybe something like the following will do the portrait/landscape shuffle?



    \section{Some junk}


    \pagestyle{empty} %odd page number suppressed!

    \section{The second section...}
    Some more junk, on a landscape page in the pdf output.


    \section{Back to sanity, in portrait mode...}

    • As per the reply above, this only rotates the content, not the page layout. The headers and footers are still printed in portrait mode :(

      If you find a solution, I'll be most impressed as I've yet to find anything in any online or printed material that describes how to do this, including the definitive LaTeX Companion [] book, that is well worth buying for anyone interested in LaTeX.

  • I've used LaTeX in the past but if I were needing to generate printed reports now, I'd be seriously looking at Prince. If only it were a little more free. []
  • That will print the whole document sideways.
    • I think you might have misunderstood what I was after. I know how to get the whole document to print in either Portrait OR Landscape, but I want to create a document that allows both in the same document. All the options have so far only allowed the content to rotate NOT the complete page layout, i.e. including headers and footers.

  • If you can do with Template Toolkit, LaTeX to PDF is great.

    But if you want to produce Business Reports, like inventory lists, Invoices, Acoount Balances and so on, you need more precision. At least in my experience you do.

    Whenever I get the time (and I will, Real Soon Now, promise!) I will look into this again and rewrite/refactor a module I made long time ago for this purpose.
    • Excellent. I look forward to seeing the results. You might want to talk to Andrew Ford, as he is very keen to get other LaTeX functionality usable within Template Toolkit.

      For my purposes Template Toolkit provides the data and graphics needed to create the .tex file, then LaTeX takes over via Latex::Driver.