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  • It would have been even easier to just paste the picture in with MS Word and have it save the document as a PDF. It'd be even more honest to just type your name in and use one of the "signature" fonts.

    It's not like a picture of a signature really is a signature. Or is it? That's kind of scary if it is.
    • Brilliant. I'll not run Unix, even though, as I said, I go for years not needing anything from the Microsoft world, because every few years I need to have Microsoft Word installed -- even though I did and can install it in Unix but happened to have purged it some time before I took off.

      Please. Do me a favor. Don't post in my blog ever again. Please don't even read it. Go away. Leave me alone. The last thing I want to see in a blog about the insufferable stupidity I must suffer is more insufferable st
      • Geeez. I was posting that with a grimace on my face while I did it. It's my fault that my tone didn't come through. I spend my days on UNIX and UNIX-like OSes. If you can believe it, I was commisserating with you about the state of the world.

        That said, it is occasionally easier to just bite the bullet and do something manually. My partner has an XP machine which I'd probably use for this kind of thing but if that weren't available there's always Kinko's or something similar.

        I've done all the kinds of stuff
        • Yes, I am a jerk. That's beside the point and was the subject of a previous post. Yes, I would have hobbled over to a Windows machine if I were at home -- I thoroughly outlined why that wasn't an option in this case. Again, the subject of the article was the clash and my notes from brainstomring remedies. You were trying to be funny or empathetic -- fine, but you'll enjoy more success here and other places that loathe the Slashdot mindset if you comment with a demonstration of understanding of the article you're commenting on and a willingness to accept the premises it outlines, explain your differening conclusions, add pespective, and generally, stay on subject. You did the opposite. You dismissed the situation and took it to a lower common demoniminator. Here's a real-life example. If you come across a conversation where people are talking about their two favorite teams, and enjoying their detailed conversation, you don't jump in and say "I don't like baseball". Perhaps someone else will wander up in middle of the new disucussion about whether baseball is likeable and comment that "sports are dumb". And then this degenerates into a conversation about how dumb each person is. People in this example are not participating in the conversation, but instead hijacking it with something far less interesting to the participants. The very thing they say is in itself a refusal to talk about the subject until their unsolvable replacement debate is solved, so progress is only backwards, to the less specific, more heavily covered topics, and away from the intricacies. Small minded buffoons systematically use these tactics to appear of some intelligence to the casual observer who only notes that they've become an active part of the disucssion and apparently "won" on a few points not noticing it's at the expense of the overall conversation.

          And the fact that there are no other participants but myself in this conversation is something I'm already aware of. And yes, I'm fully aware that I'm lecturing you on how to comment on a blog. Looking at the hoardes of people on Slashdot missing these subtleties suggests to me that I do in fact need to be vigilant. I'm also aware you'll probably consider this an affront. It's not my attention to offend -- not in this note. I only readily offend as I see no other option. The previous note had a goal of offending as a way of chasing you off. If you can by some miracle look past that and then decide to honor my demands for comments on my blog, and then I will welcome your comments.