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  • with many reasons for and against, none stand out as a clincher. None of the arguments for war stands out as a very good reason.

    Unfortunately many of the arguments against the war fail to clinch it either.

    When its a close call like this you have to be able to trust the politicians and intelligence with the information that they cannot or will not make available to you... but the politicians and intelligence have only managed to undermine any trust we may have had - dossiers compiled of propoganda copied


    @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
    print reverse @JAPH;
    • most of the arguments for going to war against iraq apply equally well to a long list of countries

      Yes, but as I mentioned, I ignore many of the arguments for war (and some against war) as side issues. Conveniently, I suppose, many of the arguments I ignore would be the ones that would apply to other countries. Not a democracy? Human rights violations? Subjugating its neighbors? All of those, to me, are side issues. The U.S. leaders' job is to protect the U.S., which, IMHO, can be the only reason f

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      • Perhaps you can ignore the "side issues", but there are many people who do not share your belief that Iraq poses an immediate and substantive threat against the U.S.

        That leaves the "side issues" as equally important (in their minds). When the U.S. is choosing to go to war against Iraq, and not choosing to go to war against many other countries with equally dispicable records, the next step is to look at why that choice was made. Which is where the argument comes that this is all about oil.

        Will of the UN is not, in my view, a side issue but the most important issue. If the U.S. cannot convince a significant majority of the world's countries that war is the right action (that was convince, not bully them into going along with it), then the war will be a disaster. It will significantly damage the U.N., possibly destroy it. It will ensure that a large majority of the world sees the U.S. as a dangerous and uncontrollable force. This will not just be the Muslim people. There will be many generations of Bin Laadin's all trying to solve this problem.

        Whether the war on Iraq is truly justified by facts that Bush is unable to communicate to the rest of the world, or is only happening because Bush is deluded, won't matter. Enough people will believe the latter. And, if Bush is unable to rally support in the U.N., especially with the pressure he is bringing upon the security coucil members, they are probably right.