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  • sorry if this isn't the best place to put this. i'm having trouble getting to #perl6 due to '*** No identd (auth) response'. (i am an irc newbie, and am trying to connect using 'irc' at cygwin bash command line under windows xp sp2 using 'irc -c perl6 jefft')

    fwiw, i also tried to post this to perl.perl6.compiler but google complained of 'temporary error' and i lost the post. not my day ;) (now i seem to recall there may have discussion about problems with this group on google ... hrmph)

    faq suggestion: is there a place on the web to read archived #perl6 ?

    getting back to my story, i want to build pugs.

    first i downloaded a ghc binary for windows (this is ghc-ming32, a cygwin binary is not supported due to purported maintainence issues with cygwin1.dll -- see 'Building the Glasgow Functional Programming Tools Suite')

    i then attempted to build pugs but got a problem with linking a posix library:

    ghc --make -o pugs src/Main.hs -isrc -v ...
            Can't find module `System.Posix.Unistd'
            locations searched:

    (i had checked out the latest svn repository and followed the README instructions first, before adding the -v)

    then i chatted on #perl6 for a bit (not sure how i managed to connect earlier... can't seem to now) and was advised that i needed a ghc built under cygwin in order to pick up the required posix library....

    fortunately, the earlier ghc download would not be wasted as i would need a running version of ghc to build ghc.

    so i downloaded the source blob for stable 6.2.2 and got surprisingly far: ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ghc
    make ...
    ghc.exe: unknown package name: unix
    make[2]: *** [depend] Error 1
    make[1]: *** [boot] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jeff/ghc-source/ghc-6.2.2/ghc'
    make: *** [build] Error 1

    without musing over the broken bit pile for too long, it seems like i may have chicken and egged myself into a corner.

    maybe to build a ghc-cygwin in order to pick up the posix library, i can not bootstrap from the windows ghc-ming32 binary at because it doesn't have a package called 'unix' (makes sense that it might not i guess)

    does pugs really require posix already? (maybe so due to a library dependancy perhaps...) i could avoid this whole problem if it didn't.

    is there a simple way i can extend my ghc-ming32 prelude with 'unix' package ? or something similar, somehow? order to bootstrap past this problem?

    i'm afraid i could use some help as i'm an utter newbie to haskell.

    someday i'll buy a newer laptop and convert the old one to linux and have more options... but for now i've got too much blood invested in my cygwin tools and not enough disk space to dual boot...

    • to be a bit more clear, the error of not finding 'package unix' happened after alot of apparently succesful building took place. and it happened on a huge ghc call, i presume it is a linking step.

      here is the huge command line that caused the error, for whatever it may be worth :

      /usr/local/bin/ghc -M -optdep-f -optdep.depend-BASE -osuf o -I../includes -H16m -O -iutils -ibasicTypes -itypes -ihsSyn -iprelude -irename -itypecheck -ideSu gar -icoreSyn -ispecialise -isimplCore -istranal -istgSyn -isimplS

      1. Do not build GHC from the source. Use the binary. :)
      2. Do not run ghc by yourself; use "perl Makefile.PL ; nmake" instead, as detailed in README.


    • perl.perl6.compiler but google complained of 'temporary error' and i lost the post.

      Don't post to google groups. The perl "groups" there are only mirrors of the lists, the lists don't accept incoming posts from google, and so anything posted there is effectively lost. Just send mail to, it will get moderator approval and soon be on the list.

      The information about not posting to google groups is repeated fairly regularly on the Perl 6 list summary - I'm not sure how else it can be mad

      • thanks for this info. the back of my brain did vaguely itch that i had read something of this somewhere before as i attempted the google post...

        in terms of 'how else it can be made more prominent'... i suggest a FAQ as a good start.

        perhaps the PUGS faq would host such info to start with (in addition to such good info as what good drugs is Autrijus on anyways?)...

        additional helpful info might be recommended tools to properly format the mail being sent to the list... for instance, can outlook express ha