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  • I wonder if they'll cover the topic of 'What to do when someone asks repeatedly to have pictures containing themselves removed from your on-line digital archive'.

    • Still taking pot-shots at me from the rafters, eh?

      I've complied with every specific request you've made.

      Please to be stopping spreading FUD.


      And grow up. This is silly of you.

      • Randal L. Schwartz
      • Stonehenge
      • pot shots? no. I have asked many times for you to remove my pictures from your archive and you have never complied with the request other than to refuse. I have sought legal counsel and even begged Larry to intervene to no avail. I'll stop nagging when you remove them.

        • And the part of the story that you're not telling is that I've told you to give me the specific URLs, and I would readily remove those pictures. You don't tell that part of the story because it makes me look like a reasonable person then, and you don't ever want to accept that I might be a reasonable person.

          Please Elaine, this "jilted ex-lover" game that you play is not becoming of you. Get some therapy or something. I should have taken that manila envelope of your hair that you presented to me at the

          • Randal L. Schwartz
          • Stonehenge
          • Gee, Merlyn. I wonder if your fanboys know what kind
            of asshole you are in private. Since we are getting
            personal, let's get personal.

            I am familiar with the exchange you
            and Elaine have had about the photos she wants removed,
            and you are just outright fucking genuine purebred asshole
            about it. If you claim that you cannot remove the photos
            that have Elaine in them without being told the exact
            URLs, you are simply full of shit. Hint: you have a Google
            search button in your photos page. I wonder who put
            that l

            • Hint: you have a Google search button in your photos page. I wonder who put that link in there-- obviously not you since you obviously don't know how to use it.

              Not every picture with Elaine in it has a title or comment including her name. Therefore, if she's concerned about her image, she has direct recourse to request specific images (including those not so annotated) and I'll comply.

              This was the offer I made initially, and the offer I continue to make today.

              Yes, I was over-the-top bringing in

              • Randal L. Schwartz
              • Stonehenge
              • > Not every picture with Elaine in it has a title or comment including her name.

                If this doesn't prove that you know perfectly well which pictures contain Elaine, but still refuse to remove them, I don't know what does.

                > Move on please!

                Just remove the fucking pictures, will you?

                • It took me two seconds to find this, and I've never even looked at Randal's site.


                  Am I expressing an opinion in this thread? No. Just pointing something out.

                  • As someone pointed out on IRC earlier, it might well be difficult for Randal to remove them all without knowing the exact URLs, but just removing the ones that can be identified easily would at least show willing.
                  • Well, so did my Father-in-Law a few years ago since he went looking on-line for a picture of me for the family photo album as he's an avid geneology buff. I don't have the heart to ask him to remove the photo and use something else as I don't want to seem vain but it bothers me. Perhaps it comforts Randal to think that I'm a 'jilted lover' instead of thinking that his actions are motivated by anything but self-interest but my request was prompted by my father-in-law finding and using this picture. I will co