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  • This, I should note, was asked by the woman I'll be marrying in less than two months.
      To be fair, there are a few times when that question is not entirely out of line. ... And then there's the old standby -- just because a man is married, and fathered two children doesn't mean that he isn't gay.

    Better she ask two months before than two months after. I don't recommend anyone marry anyone they don't trust completely -- which includes trusting the beloved enough to tell the beloved everything.

    # I had a sig when sigs were cool
    use Sig;
    • IIRC, λ originally stood for LET in the lambda-calculus
      I don't think that is correct. According to Peter Norvig, Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming:
      The name lambda comes from the mathematician Alonzo Church's notation for functions (Church 1941). ... Lambda derives from the notation in Russell and Whitehead's Principia Mathematica, which used a caret over bound variables... Church wanted a one-dimensional string, so he moved the caret in front... . The caret looked funny with nothing below it, so Church switched to the closest thing, an uppercase lambda [Λ].... The lambda was easily confused with [the logical and symbol], so eventually the lowercase lambda was substituted... . John McCarthy was a student of Church's at Princeton, so when McCarthy invented Lisp in 1958, he adopted the lambda notation.