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  • Nicholas' suggestion to use Spamassassin

    Link! Link! My ego demands all the publicity it can get.

    The suggestion is in this message to perl5-porters []. It's a reply to a question from Alan Burlison asking about good perl performance benchmarks [].

  • Yeah, spamassassin should be the last thing in your procmailrc, after all the lists are filtered out.

    The other thing that helps is if you mark your local mail delivery as expensive. At least with sendmail you can do this, don't know about others. The effect is that only one mail at a time will be delivered. Doesn't choke your box so much. Means I still don't have to upgrade my 16Mb 486 linux box. :-)
  • Shouldn't happen (Score:3, Informative)

    by Matts (1087) on 2003.05.22 6:40 (#20402) Journal
    If it's happening it's a bug. Find out what mails caused it to slow down and submit a bug report and attach the mails in question.

    And turn off network checks. They can be very slow.

    And make sure you're using the latest release. There are often a number of timeout (network check related) fixes in each release. And we test the other rules extensively for performance issues.

    SpamAssassin is slow, but it really shouldn't kill your box.
    • If it's happening it's a bug. Find out what mails caused it to slow down and submit a bug report and attach the mails in question.

      Oh, that didn't even occur to me. I'll try to watch spamassassin more carefully and see whether particularly slow runs can be pinned down on certain messages. This morning I had the impression that it was simply due to the fact that about 100 messages were to be processed (in 'top' one spamd process was quickly replaced by a new one; so each single run appeared to be pretty f
      • Another thing to try is leave on the network checks that work well, and turn the rest off (set their score to zero).

        I'd list the ones I think you should leave on, but I'm lazy :)
    • What kills SpamAssassin dead, or at least cripples my box, is when Vipul's Razor is off-line for some reason. That's the thing that makes the spamd processes stack up really badly. Not SpamAssassin's fault, definitely, though it does (or did) have issues not really timing out the way it should. (Which may well have been an issue with my box, for all I know)

      Procmail filtering the known-good (or and stuff so SpamAssassin has less to deal with is always a good th
  • Might have been the 30sec timeout waiting for a response from the ORBS list.

    score RCVD_IN_ORBS 0
    in your file, word is it's dead and probably dead for good.

    Processing went from 30+ secs to 1-2secs after I did this.
    • That is worth an attempt. I'll see how spamassassin behaves now that I have a lot of my mails not passed through it. If it is still sluggish, I'll start weeding out some of the tests...RCVD_IN_ORBS looks like a good candidate.

      Btw: my university also has spamassassin installed so right now my mails effectively get checked twice. Today I learnt that they are increasing some ressources. An official said that currently about 50% of all mails passed through their servers is spam and with the current setup it's