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  • by TeeJay (2309) on 2003.06.29 9:16 (#21524) Homepage Journal
    oh dear []

    oops [] (read the comments they are pretty realistic)

    seems o2 really are a bunch of sharks.


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    • Think as an ex employee of o2 online & a uni student with an o2 contract I need to wade in here. O2 the shop and o2 online are seperate companies thats why the shop couldnt help. The advisors just see a screen saying credit checked refused refer cust to equifax. That letter is an over exaggeration as the system does not let a customer stay on hold anywhere near that long and it is policy to offer a call back if it will take a long time to resolve. The advisors cant pass you around due to the type of
      • To be honest, o2 have frequently disappointed me. Nobody mentioned that the shop was a different company (its not *really*, they are all part of mm02, any boundaries are self-imposed for tax benefits, etc). The non-o2 shops were more helpful and courteus than the o2 shop (and had better offers).

        The website has had many issues with mozilla, and I only recently managed to read a news page with WAP without getting errors (through the 02 servers).

        Finally I have to call them to enable MMS on a phone that was


        @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
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  • In the US, credit agencies are required to give you a copy of your report free if you are turned down for credit because of it. There's still the bureaucracy to wade through, but at least you don't have to pay for (possibly fake) information about yourself. I'm surprised the situation is worse in the UK, considering that Europe at least pretends to care about privacy of personal data.
    • Yes - we have the Data Protection Act that lays down fairly strict rules and a data Commisioner that enforces them

      We are quite well protected but there is a lot red tap to get through and most people don't have the time rather than the money to sort out problems.

      The privacy is pretty well preserved on the whole but I think the system needs updating to be more like you mentioned - free credit report if you get turned down for credit would be a tremendous step.

      The problem lies with o2 and those providin


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  • Is there any reason that you must have an O2 phone ?

    There are 4 other mobile operators in the UK, 5 if you include '3' but their handsets are clunky. Vote with your feet, go elsewhere.

    In a perverse way, you will not improve their service by bashing them until you get what you want. Their metric is market share. They will only change their customer service policy when their market share slips.

    Actually getting a phone from them will indicate that their customer service must be adequate so there is no incen
    • my wife has already signed a 12 month contract and her sister is already with o2.

      This kind of forces my hand as cross-telco prices are so high and the talk time she has provided only applies to 02 and landlines.


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