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  • It's funny you should mention this. Handel is currently in a state of going from 0.32 -> 1.0. I was saving 1.0 for something more like "the API will change to get rid of silly alpha thoughts", and it's also a big gutting, and conversion from CDBI to DBIC.

    But even as a lowly 0.32 version, it has quite the large set of tests and I'd consider it mature, just not mature to where I have no regrets about the API.
    • Ditto to you.

      I just got asked about a shopping cart, and I keep trying to find an excuse to try out Handel.

      Of course, I think it might be a good idea to wait a bit until you get 1.0 done.

      And I'd love to see some sort of mock up generator that you can somehow enter a combination of features and settings and it dumps out the basics for that application.

      But I'm sure it will all arrive in good time :)
      • (Not trying to steal this thread... :-)

        It's safe to say you can give 0.32 a try and still be mostly fine when 1.0 hits. The major change is the RETURN_AS crap in load()/items(). Instead of doing magic, it always always returns an iterator in scalar context, and the list of objects in list context: even if there is only one result. Aside from that, I'm striving to keep the API the same, and using a [mostly unaltered except for the iterator change mentioned) test suite. For some 1.0 changes/thoughts, see: []

        As far as the features/mockup thingy, it currently has helpers for catalyst to generate a basic framework, much like the /demos/catalyst/ part of the site, also like the article. The real answer is, there is no feature set. :-) Handel is a pure cart/order i/o layer, with a plugin based checkout oder processing pipeline; not an out of the box solution.

        There is a Catalyst based ecommerce "solution", I'm in the planning stages of called Mango, which I'll hit hard as soon as 1.0 is done. Of course *gasp*, it will use Handel for the core cart/order/checkout stuffs. If there are any features you are after in such a thing, feel free to add them to: [] /ramble_mode=off
        • Well, I don't do shopping carts. But I know people that do.

          And the dominant model seems to be that people want a fairly straight forward out of box with common features, but not overloaded with them.

          And then EVERY shopping cart is going to need something different, from "coupon" support to Australianised Postage modelling to VOIP "talk to a consultant".

          There's always going to be one or two new things, but they almost always need to be different.

          So what I personally would want is something that deals with th
          • > There's always going to be one or two new things, but they almost always need to be different.

            Right. In fact that's the entire premise of Handel::Checkout. By default, it does nothing. Since everyone needs something different, it's just a plugin loader to shove and order thru, with some basic phases added in (INIT, VALIDATE, AUTHORIZE, DELIVERY, etc), with the ability to add custom phases till the cows come home.

            As far as the Mango stuff, I don't think it's going to be an uber solution. At the very lea