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  • I think that perl Build.PL --install-base /var/lookie/here is what you want. Give it a try!


    • It's similar, but intentionally not the same as the byzantine demented logic of PREFIX. The real problem is that neither CPAN nor CPANPLUS support the Module::Build arguments, even though the latter will run Build.PL scripts in preference to Makefile.PL.
      • by kane (2600) on 2004.07.07 4:42 (#32202) Journal
        we try to support it, but there's so many features lacking from Module::Build it's not even funny.

        From the latest development snapshot of CPANPLUS, these issues (among others) are still open:

        =head1 KNOWN ISSUES

        There are some known issues with Module::Build, that we hope the
        authors will resolve at some point, so we can make full use of
        Module::Build's power.

        =over 4

        =item * Passing build flags to 'new_from_context'

        This is sadly not possible untill Module::Build is patched to support
        this feature. This means you are stuck with the default behaviour of
        the Build.PL in the distribution.

        =item * Uninstall modules installed by Module::Build

        Module::Build doesn't write a so called packlist file, which holds
        a list of all files installed by a distribution. Without this file we
        don't know what to remove. Untill Module::Build generates this
        packlist, we are unable to remove any installations done by it.

        =item * Unable to figure out a distributions prerequisites.

        Module::Build only reports back to the user the prerequisites that were
        not fulfilled. Prerequisites that a distribution has, and that are
        already installed, are not reported back. Needless to say, this makes
        it impossible to reliably generate distributions for packagemanagers

        =item * Module::Build's version comparision is not supported.

        Module::Build has it's own way of defining what versions are considered
        satisfactory for a prerequisite, and which ones aren't. This syntax is
        something specific to Module::Build and we currently have no way to see
        if a module on disk, on cpan or something similar is satisfactory
        according to Module::Build's version comparison scheme.
        As a work around, we now simply assume that the most recent version on
        CPAN satisfies a dependency.



        not to mention a compatibillity mode which would allow users and all kinds of scripts that have existed forever use things like PREFIX etc...
        • Passing build flags to 'new_from_context'

          Looks like you can do this now. Unfortunately, it's not documented.

          Uninstall modules installed by Module::Build

          I wrote code to write packlists a long time ago. I should nag Ken to apply that patch.

          Unable to figure out a distributions prerequisites.

          Module::Build's version comparision is not supported.

          It has requires(), build_requires(), recommends(), and conflicts() methods that return the hash reference that the user specified. Then you can call check