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  • Asshole. I don’t use language like that in general, but in this case there’s really no more proper epithet.

  • Well, all you know is what the news told you, and what the government agencies now say after it came out they they didn't quarantine him right away. A guy has a potentially dangerous disease that is so bad he shouldn't be around other people, but they let him walk out of the room.

    The media, of course, want to make a big deal out of it because they don't have anything else to talk about right now, and they know that people will be interested if they make it sound like a plane full of people could have died o
    • Granted that the medical authorities screwed up and big time. That doesn't release him from responsibility. He knowingly exposed others to a disease he knew was contagious and hard to treat.
      • Perhaps you missed the point of my post. You don't know what he knew. You just know what the news tells you what they think he knew. Since you know almost nothing about this story (which is as much as I know), you don't have anything valid to say about it.

    • I totally agree, all you know is what some journalist tells you. The story at forbes [], for example, makes it sound like there's a lot more to it. Though, the dude being a "personal injury lawyer" doesn't help his credibility. :D What I find really bizarre is his return path, though: "After flying to Paris May 12, Speaker continued on to Prague, then took a return flight aboard Czech Air Flight 0104 to Montreal, Canada, on May 24, before driving back into the United States at Champlain, N.Y." A month long Eur
      • Private planes are pretty expensive, especially after you just dropped your entire savings account on a honeymoon. I've spent a month in Europe, and I can't afford a private plane. :)
    • Sorry for the delay in replying, SpamAssasin trapped the use Perl notifications, but slashdot's (mostly) get through.

      I know I have "limited information." However, I did see his interview, and if the dipshit actually thinks that the line about "I was told I'd be dead if was anywhere but Denver" is going to fly... He was apparently told to go to the hospital in Italy (not that he should have even gotten there) not Outer Mongolia for crying outload. I think that there is very little possible information I coul
      Were that I say, pancakes?
      • IT is too much for you to expect that, because you don't know the difference between contagious and deadly. His health being in danger doesn't mean he's putting other people in danger.

        So, you admit you have very little information, but still think you know enough to have an opinion about what someone else did.
        • Wrong, I do know the difference. I just don't think TB is something you ought to fuck around with. Nor do most health officials for that matter. In France they vaccinate for it, and any long-visiting foreigner whom has not been vaccinated is screened for it, regardless of the results from pre-visit tests.

          Based on this [] there's a 50% chance one of 300 people on a 5 hour flight with the guy (were his TB "active"*) would be infected.

          And this certainly takes the cake, "
          Speaker's father-in-law is a microbiologist
          Were that I say, pancakes?