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  • Hey, I know, instead of whining in a journal entry you could send me a useful bug report. That might be a little less satisfying, but it would of course have the effect of leading to a fix.

    I can't reproduce whatever bug you think you've found. I did this:

    print DateTime->new(day=>6,month=>11,year=>2003)->datetime;

    and it works fine.
    • Hey, you know, instead of berating me, why not check your entry. Okay I now know WHY it fails, but at least I took the time write a test case to show why I thought it was wrong.

      I have no idea why a month of 11 is failing but it is. I was testing it on Windows so it may be some perculiarity there. I will look more in depth tomorrow.

      Whining is for someone who can't be arsed to try and help fix things. You have me mistaken for someone else. If you would like me to take the time in future to try

      • by autarch (914) on 2003.11.07 1:26 (#25563) Homepage Journal
        And I responded to your original bug report as soon as I saw it. From the bug report, I thought you were simply saying that the _new_ delta_days method in 0.18 didn't work as expected, as opposed to saying that the duration object returned by subtraction now had different values.

        A month of 11 being a problem mystifies me, since it works fine for me. I'm not sure why it'd be a problem on Windows. But you certainly didn't mention that in the RT report, or I would have responded to it.

        As to the infinite tests not passing on Windows, I'd welcome a fix, but I don't have access to a Win32 compiler, and more importantly, I don't know enough of the details on how IEEE math is implemented on Windows and Perl to understand what the heck is going on here. I actually suspect a Perl bug here, since it also has problems on HPUX.

        The reason I berated you was because you took me to task _publically_ in an inappropriate forum for making a decision you didn't like, _and_ to top it off you mentioned a bug you never reported (month of 11) in an incredibly snide manner. You as much as stated that I'm the kind of beeping idiot who's so stupid as to write a DateTime module that doesn't handle November! In fact, I'm well aware of November, and I even know that today is _in_ November.

        If you disliked the backwards incompatibility, the right place to complain is the list, to which you are welcome to subscribe. There was a public discussion about datetime subtraction, and people seemed to agree that the old behavior was just plain broken, so I changed it. If you were on the list you could've pointed out that your code relied on that behavior and asked for a deprecation period. Even if I hadn't agreed to that, I would've helped you rewrite your code to deal with the change, something I've done for other module authors that rely on DateTime.

        This change didn't happen behind your back, nor was it done cavalierly.

        It's funny that you acuse others of having this degenerate into a Slashdot forum, when your original posting was very much along those lines.
        • I can appreciate there may have been discussion of the datetime list, and had I been subscribed I would certainly have pointed out the fact, that despite it being not entriely accurate, others may rely on the fact that it returned a value that represented the total number of days as opposed to a difference between the month days. Improving the function is one thing, to change it's reason for existing is another.

          The infinite issue is not something I've had time to look into. My first assumption was that so