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  • How can the US forgive and forget the US ship that isreali fighters straffed and bombed, killing the entire crew to cover up intercepted radio transmissions about the massacre of palestinian civillians by the isreali armed forces.

    Ignoring the blatent trolling for a moment, what's your source for the last paragraph ?

    • panorama and the independant and the guardian [].

      google for USS Liberty.

      This isn't a troll. I am serious when I say that Isreal is a far bigger danger in the middle east than Iraq.

      Iraq is only a danger to Isreal and possibly Kuwait - neither has a better Human Rights or Denmocracy record than Iraq - They just happen to be US Allies.

      Desteroying Isreals military infrastructure and weapons of mass destruction would bring peace far quicker than bombing iraq - so bombing isreal makes more sense than bombing


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        • Iraq is only a danger to Isreal and possibly Kuwait - neither has a better Human Rights or Denmocracy record than Iraq - They just happen to be US Allies.

        I seem to recall Iraq starting a war with Iran and using chemical weapons in that war. So, Iraq is a danger to more than Kuwait and Israel.

        Saudi Arabia was quite concerned when Iraq swept into Kuwait that they would keep going and occupy their country as well. It was only quick military build up by the Americans and European allies that prevented thi

        • Iraq started a war with Iran after America forced out the democratically elected leader and installed a puppet and gave him chemical weapons to use on 'them dirty arabs'.

          Saudi arabia had more than enough military might to handle Iraq. It buys more than the entire iraqi army every couple of years for gods sake. That and the oil are why America pretends not to notice the absence of democracy or human rights.

          As for human rights - Kuwait is no democracy and has many human rights issues - do you americans not have access to amnesty international ?

          Isreals human rights abuses are shocking - misiles fired into schools, hospitals, blocks of flats - car bombs, tanks flattening homes while people are still inside, no vote for arabs, horrific racism towards gentiles and particularly arabs. Then there are curfews, cutting off power and water. destruction of property, humilation, verbal and physical abuse by soldiers, the list is endless.

          I think you will find a long list of Isreali massacres of palestinians - dozens of palestinians are shot every week.

          Sharon was directly responsable for these and other war crimes - it is not anti-semetic - Just as pinochet and milosovic are responsable for the crimes against humanity that they were in charge of so the same applies to sharon.

          Iraq has no democracy, I think you will find that Iran and Turkey both have democracies, as do some of the arabic/russian states like chechnya.

          I don't think you'll find many palestinians able to vote in the country that has kicked them out but still occupies their land or many arabs able to vote without their slips somehow being lost or not being let into the polling stations.

          War crimes are not acceptable. Killing of civilians is not acceptable. When iraq kills civilians it is wrong why are not able to say the same about fucking israel.


          @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
          print reverse @JAPH;