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  • by leaddadaist (8933) on 2008.12.04 2:38 (#66182) Journal

    I have an art degree. Who needs some art/illustration/design work for an open source perl program/perl site? This is the time for holiday giving. Gimme Gimme Gimme some thing to give. Just lead me to water.

    With all honesty. I can't hack Parrot. I can't help with Perl 6 internals. I *can* make things look neat.

    • I'd love to see a new clean and fresh design for
      First impression matters and this is one of the most prominent perl sites.
      But I must admit that I'm neither in a position to decide on that nor do I know how laborious it would be to actually implement a design on the software.

      • What's kinda cool about use.perl is I think most of the design and layout is done with css, so playing with it, would be easy, without having to bother pudge to get it applied. There may be a, "How to Style Slash" guide somewhere - I do remember there was that, "Design Slashdot" competition a few years back that we could cherry-pick ideas from.

        If there's no style guide, it may be another way to contribute to slash, although, if the only sites using it are Slashdot and use.perl, it may be irrelevant. Somethi

        • Wow, that's really cool.

          Guys, please! We need a pro web designer here. Urgently. Old unix-nerds just can't make their sites look good enough.

    • Thank you very much for your offer, it's highly appreciated.

      As a contributor to Rakudo (Perl 6 on Parrot) I'd like to have a nice logo for it (one that can be used as an executable icon on windows, and on official websites).

      If you'd like to contribute to that, we should get in contact regarding ideas, background and other stuff.
      Just send a mail either to me ( or to the mailing list ( and we'll can get together somehow.

      (And yes, I agree with tron that a few websites

      • I'll send this right away, as I'm very serious. I'm not sure if stating this in chromatic's journal is a wholly acceptable way to throw my hat in the mix, but hey, it won't be the first time I make a faux-pax in my life :)

      • Given that we have a rather unique marketing chance with Rakudo I must agree that having nice artwork for it is really important.

        On the other hand I don't agree with being more important (because I use it mostly as a stopover).
        I consider PerlMonks next to as most important.

        • In that case what we also have is a problem whereby neither nor is a particularly good jump-off point for people new to the Perl community. As those are the two domains they're most likely to visit as their first online step into the world of Perl, that seems like something we should think about.

          Remember, our main problem re: 'perl is dead' is not what you or I think of the designs of these sites, nor the designs of the sites we use the most. It's what the people new to the ide

          Perl is Alive
    • Thanks for offering your help.

      The Padre Perl IDE [] needs both an icon for the project to be displayed on web and on the windows, linux and Mac executables.

      It also needs some improvement to its standard Trac gui, maybe even using the currently almost empty Perl IDE [] web site.

      If you can still take such project I'd be glad if you contacted us via IRC on #padre or on the padre-dev mailing list found on our web site.