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  • I'm not a big fan of MI, and I think the main reason is it's too freaking magical. This "feature" is a perfect example of magic gone bad. It adds a _tiny_ bit of convenience (arguably less than tiny) while adding significant headaches for those who don't understand WTF is going on.

  • I personally have been annoyed when I go to work on a project and when I try to run the Makefile.PL for the purposed of getting dependencies installed (either via "make installdeps" or cpanm --installdeps .) I get a list of 'pre dependencies', mostly stuff to get Module::Install bootstrapped. I know there's 'config_requires' but this doesn't seem to help with the problem. Typically I solve it with a hack, when I create a new local::lib for a project I preload most of the common Module::Install plugins I use (via Task::BeLike::JJNAPIORK) and just tell contributors to preload that module before doing "perl Makefile.PL", but that feels too much like a hack, although its only a single extra step. It would be really nice if I could do something like "perl Makefile.PL --list_plugins | cpanm" or even "perl Makefile.PL --bootstrap_author_modules" or similar. On the other hand, perhaps moving toward using Fatpacker, where the Makefile.PL get generated via an authorside build script, similarly to the way App::cpanminus works, might be a more simply solution (athough that would probably get ugly with plugins like Module::Install::Catalyst, since that's part of the Catalyst::Devel package, which depends on Catalyst, and you'd end up Fatpacking a ton of stuff... Maybe Module::Install::Catalyst could be busted out of Catalyst::Devel?) I'm not sure which is the best option, but I do know it would be awesome if I could tell someone all they need to do to get started is clone my repo and do "cpanm --installdeps ." or similar and it just works without having to do some preparation.
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  • by dwc (9785) on 2010.09.06 9:57 (#72371)
    If only because it would make stuff like this [] unnecessary.
  • by sartak (7900) on 2010.09.06 14:49 (#72372) Homepage Journal
    I really dislike this particular MI magic. Even for experts it can be a pain to guess what the right Module::Install plugin to install.
  • Yes, agreed...

    And a command-line option that lists the plugins for installing via cpanm would be great, too!

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