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  • I know as far as TT goes it isn't just your distro but some breakage and fixing in general. Part of the problem is Andy has been away and very very busy but the latest version supposedly compiles and installs on Windows again. TT is a must have for me and I am sure others as well. The other is DBD::Oracle. Do you know if that compiles fine? With PPM it "just works" but I have to have that one as well before attempting anything like Vanilla/Strawberry Perl. Great job to all though!
    • No, I made two release of TT that fixed Win32 and one particular mac issue.

      Then Andy came back, merged my changes, un-disabled the test that was failing, didn't check that it actually worked, and now it's broken on Win32 again.

      I agree that Win32 isn't the ONLY problem with TT, but it's caused by the same problem. Andy isn't personally able to work on TT, but won't/can't/forgets to compensate for his own lack of time.

      There's reason people get co-maintainer and CVS commit rights.
  • Maybe have that as an option Kwalitee metric

    (Has successful PASS for Windows in CPAN Testers)

    • Only as optional metrics please. I doubt IO::SendFile [] or IO::Epoll [] are ever going to work on Windows, no matter how much effort you put into it…

      • But wouldn't they be better kwalitee modules if they did. Maybe not better quality...
      • So? There's nothing wrong with having unattainable kwalitee. Heck, your kwalitee could drop if the standard tests change. That's a good thing - hopefully as tests progressed more classes of bugs are tested for and that feeds into finding distributions which previously weren't tested for that.

        I figure it's normal for your "kwalitee" metric to decay over time just as a side effect of what kwalitee means changes while a distribution doesn't.
        • Incidentally... I'd prefer if Test::Kwalitee were configurable on a distribution level so all the author tests could just removed from the distribution. I've recently started removing all the redundant author stuff from my distributions because I think they are either redundant code (all the pod stuff) or are harmful (all the signature stuff).
    • I'd rather see a metric for "No CPAN Testers failures".

      Modules should either PASS or return a NA.

      Adam K
  • As far as people not accepting patches, is RT working correctly? I've filed, responded to, and received bug reports, but I haven't gotten emails for any of that from RT in quite some time.

    That may just be me though, but I've heard other mentioned of it over the last month or so.
    • Dunno, if there's something you care about, bug them again (like I'm doing here) :)