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  • by djberg96 (2603) on 2003.11.01 20:59 (#25369) Journal
    Simple question: when does life begin?

    I find that most pro-choicers can't, or won't, answer this question. I asked this in on a newsgroup once and got everything ranging from the bizarre, to the hostile to the esoteric non-sequitur. A few more rational folks drew the line at brain activity.

    I measure my age from birth because it's convenient to do so, tradition, and because calculating age from conception date is too difficult, mainly because most people aren't exactly sure when they conceived their child. Besides, would you really want to hear about it? "Son, you shoulda seen your mom the night of April 12th! Finally climaxed at 11:21pm or so. Woo-hoo!" - ugh.

    I should probably mention at this point that I'm not religious. I'm agnostic actually. Just FYI.

    My counter to your statement (in addition to the question above) is, do you really determine whether something is alive based on its physical location, i.e. inside versus outside the womb?

    As for my own stance, I'm basically pro-life but not rabidly so.

    • > Simple question: when does life begin?

      This question is not relevant. What difference does it make if a baby is killed before or after birth? I suppose, the killing should be allowed when it "makes sense", as determined by the parents. A baby is killed, so what? At least that is how most animals think. Could it be we are more animals than the animals, when we ponder on silly questions like at what time are allowed to die? They should die at the right time! At least, this seems more beneficial than the

      • > This question is not relevant.

        Typical non-sequitur from the rabidly pro-choice crowd.

        >What difference does it make if a baby is killed before or after birth?

        You gotta be fucking kidding me. So, all murder is just "post-natal abortion" then? I find your utter indifference to the value of human life (post natal or otherwise) downright scary.