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  • I wondered if Jango was played by someone that was Maori or at least Polynesian (I'm assuming he is part Maori since you said he was a Kiwi actor).

    This sort of has to do with some professor claiming that 'Clones was discriminating against Mexicans and other poeple of color. He was saying that Jango looked hispanic and that he was a terrorist. Also, the clone army was based on him and where programmed to be more docilie, blah, blah, blah. Basically painting hispanics and people of color in a bad light.
    • Yet one of the top Jedi is a black man. Yoda is green.
      Casey West
      • I don't know, with acting like that even the black community might call Samuel Jackson white. And Yoda is just Kermit the Frog repackaged for space opera :) In the pilot for Star Trek, Kirk did it with a green that's entertainment :)

        • Star Trek had two pilots. Kirk was not in the one with the green woman (the Orion). Instead it was the previous captain of the Enterprise, Captain Pike. Pike returned in "The Menagerie," a two part episode which reprised the entire pilot ("The Cage") and reunited Pike with his love (who was only temporarily an Orion). In fact, I believe the original copy of "The Cage" was lost and it was reconstructed from footage in "The Menagerie."

          I officially have no life.

          J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
    • Yup, Temuera Morrison ("Jake the Muss" in "Once Were Warriors" if you want his classic performance) was Jango and the clones.

      I'd heard about the Latino thing. Hilarious. Here's one story []. Some people just LOVE to be offended.


      • > Yup, Temuera Morrison ("Jake the Muss" in
        > "Once Were Warriors"

        ... now, that was a cool movie.

        -- ask bjoern hansen [], !try; do();

      • I don't think anybody _loves_ to be offended.

        I do think that some people of color are so used to being treated like crap by white people, and so used to offensive portrayals of people in color in movies and tv, that they become extremely sensitive to this particular issue, to the point of seeing offenses that (perhaps) don't exist.

        But to simply discard that as "they love to be offended" is what racism is all about. _You_ aren't affected, so _you_ can laugh it off as _their_ problem. I hate to break it t
        • Technically, no, they don't love to be offended. However, they do perversely look forward to it and even seek it out, because they can use it as a means to their political end.

          And no, that is not what racism is all about. You're making up definitions again. Racism is about subjugating people because of race; it's not about dismissing claims because they are stupid. Stupid claims are them. I can laugh it off, because it is stupid.
      • Some people just LOVE to be offended.

        /me is reminded of the "Offensensitivity" Bloom County strip (which surprisingly doesn't show up with a quick googling; one would think that somebody would have scanned it in), which ends with everyone running off after determining that life itself is offensive.