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  • Well, Moose is not really doing anything very nasty here, the class loading code is quite sane (we "borrowed" it from Class::Inspector). But we are looping through @_ using $_ when we load those classes, so that is where the issue comes from.

    I have adjusted all code that comes in contact with the class loader so that none of it uses $_ anymore. This should eliminate the issue you are seeing with the Exporter::NoWork and modules like it. This will be available in the next release of Class::MOP/Moose.


    • I don't think it's terribly nasty, but the implicit aliasing can cause strange behavior if other modules don't play well with that. Imagine this:

      foreach (@_) {
          # do something with $_

      If some_other_function did something silly like s/(.*)/scalar reverse $1/e, then the above code would break. Guarding against side-effects is a good thing. Of course, since @_ contains aliases, I suppose that the way to be truly paranoid would be:

      foreach my $

  • Having just got your bug reports, I'm in the middle of writing a test suite now... I wrote E::NW before I'd really cottoned on to the value of testing, and haven't touched it since. I've already found another latent bug.

    Unfortunately, local $_ isn't safe either. If $_ is aliased to a member of a tied hash or array, it isn't localised properly and the value in the hash is affected as well:

    tie my %h, 'Tie::StdHash';
    $h{a} = 1;
    for ($h{a}) {
        local $_ = 2;
        print $h{a};    # 2

    • Oh, nice catch. We've got local workarounds in place, but I'm happy to know that you've spotted more than I did :)