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  • Why two modules rather than one with an option?

    It seems like a complete waste to me. More work for packagers, more wasted space on CPAN, bigger CPAN indexes, more modules and idiotic dependencies for people unlucky enough to try installing something that depends on a gazillion modules (like many Perl things does these days).

      - ask

    -- ask bjoern hansen [], !try; do();

    • It's two modules because merely asking "is this a Unix system?" is different from asserting that "this must be a Unix system". Actually, CheckOS can do the assertion as well, but I thought that cutting the amount of code required to make the assertion to the absolute minimum would be a good idea seeing that that will, I think, be the most common usage.

      Dependency hell? Hardly. Declare it as a pre-requisite and will do the business. If you're not using to fetch and install dependencies t

    • For this to work in a Makefile.PL or Build.PL, it can't be an ordinary dependency. It will either need to be a "configure_requires" -- for which support is only available in recent versions of CPAN, or it will need to be bundled into an "inc" directory -- the preferred course, I think.

      # Makefile.PL
      use lib 'inc';
      use Devel::AssertOS::Unix;

      # rest of Makefile.PL follows;

      This would ensure that the OS is a Unix variant or else it will die (signaling to CPAN to stop with build/test/install) and with a prope

      • The shiny new File::Find::Rule::Permissions I released uses Devel::AssertOS::Unix in the module. So it'll get as far as trying to run the tests on non-Unix platforms, then bail out with 'OS unsupported', which is close enough for now.

        Schwern has mumbled about releasing some inc thingy for EU::MM. Perhaps in the mean time I should add a 'add_develassertos_inc' script to the distribution which would do everything necessary to a Makefile.PL in the current directory:

        $ add_develassertos_inc FreeBSD NetBSD