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  • Perl6 has been going for 8ish years. That is about the amount of time between the release of perl 1 and perl 5.01
    • I don't care about calendar time. Let's compare paid developer time.

      • The "contribute money" page at does not allow you to explicitly specify "I want my donation to go towards Perl 6 development".

        Seems like it would be nice if there was an easy and centralized way for money contributors to pump cash directly into specific tasks needing to be done for Perl 6... Not sure how fair this would work out in practice though.

        • Ever since P6 was a project and a divisive one at that, I asked that such a restricted giving mechanism be put in place so that people could direct their donations to the projects they were interested in. I'm still waiting. It'll likely happen about the same time P6 is released. :)
          • There has to be some reason why that extra combo box item is missing, otherwise it would've been added already.

            • Well, it's a lot more complicated than a 'combo box', you need a good accountant and the ability to be accountable to the donors.
      • Calendar is all I can really compare. If someone of greater knowledge than I wants to list out the people paid full time to develop perl 1-5 then they can. If not I'm happy enough to keep on assuming 1-5 is compatible to 6 in this respect but produced a final product.
        • Well, if there's no schedule, I'm less likely to become an available worker...
          • Sorry, this was meant to be a reply to parent (chromatic).
          • Schedules for projects with full-time paid workers are difficult enough to create. Any schedule for a project which relies chiefly on volunteers working in their spare time is going to be, at best, a fairy tale. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

            • Sorry, instead of "schedule" I should have said "roadmap." All it takes to have a roadmap is one leader willing to make plans, and if the plans are good enough, people will volunteer. Perl 6 (well, Parrot mostly) just wanders in circles. How many half-baked intermediate languages and half-done Scheme interpreters does the world need?
              • Perl 6 (well, Parrot mostly) just wanders in circles.

                Rakudo and Parrot both have roadmaps with defined milestones. See the Rakudo roadmap [] and Parrot release planning [].

                ...if the plans are good enough, people will volunteer.

                That never happened for Perl 5. p5p's lucky if people even download release candidates. Why would you believe that Perl 6 or Parrot will be any different?

                • Skepticism about a roadmap for a project that's been wandering in circles for 6 years seems reasonable. (And are there specs for those things on the Parrot roadmap? Are those specs subject to random editing after one starts implementing them?)

                  As for Perl 5... First, there's a big difference excitement-wise between "be our tester" and "write this code." There's a reason I don't apply for testing jobs. Second, Perl 5 just released something I can use, no?

                  • Skepticism about a roadmap for a project that's been wandering in circles for 6 years seems reasonable.

                    We've been hitting those milestones for a year now. We don't do any work in secret. It's all public. Everyone can see our successes and failures if they only care to look. Our weekly Parrot status meetings have been open to the public for years and we've published the minutes of those for years. I've personally published the minutes of the weekly Perl 6 design meetings for months, if not years.