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  • You're a direct beneficiary of core Perl contributions by ActiveState employees. Your abusive tone is totally uncalled for.
    • He never said they were kiddies. In fact he pointed out that they include many well-known people in the Perl world.

      He just said that their site looks like a fly by night site that was put together by kiddies. He's got a point. Although I must admit that I like the current design a more than the old one. That one looked like they ripped the artwork from some Soviet propaganda.

      Of course the people who are well-known at ActiveState are known for their programming abilities, and not their graphical prowess.
      • I believe he said the design was the only thing he thought was good.

        Incidentally, there is a documentation link right on the main PDK page ("resources" on the right side) and typing "documentation" into the search box on any page brought back hundreds of results.

        I don't know what local docs they bundle, but %%HTMLDIR%% looks like a Makefile target or similar, so maybe some kind of build/install procedure hadn't been run yet. But that's only a guess.

        In short, I think the rumors of ActiveStat
        • by btilly (5037) on 2007.10.24 22:18 (#58572) Journal
          Let's see.

          You're right that documentation is on the right if you visit the right page. I don't know about you, but I tend to look for documentation on the top and left. Where normal sites put it. As he described, there is no link to documentation on the places where you expect the nav bar to be.

          Type documentation into the search bar, yup, lots of results. But if you look at his post he gives the link to the search result that he got []. Try that link, and no results. Why not? Well staring carefully at the URL, it looks like he had a typo. He has a high-bit character in there. How or why I don't know, but I've experienced tunnel vision enough to understand how he could miss that fact. Particularly if he was already frustrated with the site.

          So then he downloads the file and starts looking through it. I agree that if he ran the appropriate Makefile he'd have had a much better time of things. But I'm quite sure that he had exactly the experience that he described.

          And after an experience like that, I can understand why he blogged about it.

          Now I agree that there were some user errors here, and he had pretty much a worst case experience. However I know that I have found their website rather unfriendly the last couple of times that I've tried it. Intellectually I understand why they would bury the free download as far as they can, but as a user I didn't appreciate it. With my past experiences, I also have sympathy for someone who didn't find the correct way through the maze.
          • Note which high-bit character strayed into his URI: it says %A0, byte value 160, which, if interpreted as Latin-1, is U+00A0, otherwise known as NO-BREAK SPACE and declared in HTML as  . Ring a bell? If so, you can tell why he missed it…