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  • I've found that artwork added to tracks by other programs won't necessarily display in iTunes. I typically add artwork to the OpenBSD theme songs using MusicMatch for Windows but iTunes4 doesn't display it in the album window or the artwork window.

    I also spent some frustrated time trying to use your perl script [] for extracting artwork before I decided that the ID3 tags must be different. I'm still a Perl noob, how can I use 'keys' with the hash reference get_mp3tag returns so I know what all the keys are? B
    • my $hash_ref   = { Gharlane => 'Eddore', Mentor => 'Arisia' };
      my @nonhumans  = keys %{ $hash_ref };
      • Thanks.

        Key 0: YEAR
        Key 1: ARTIST
        Key 2: COMMENT
        Key 3: ALBUM
        Key 4: TITLE
        Key 5: GENRE
        Key 6: TRACKNUM
        Key 7: TAGVERSION

        I'm interested in using Perl to access the art because I'd really like a script which can remove the art from an mp3. We're using MusicMatch to rip a bunch of CDs and its pretty good but one bug is you can't tell it not to add the album art to a ripped track if it finds some. The problem with album art is when we use Apache::MP3 to steam files containing album art, some clients won't play the tracks (tested with iTunes2, iTunes3, RealPlayer 8 for Win). Currently we just added album art removal to the ripping procedure but since we're already using Perl scripts to manipulate the files before they're uploaded, it would be nice to just add stripping out album art as well.

        BTW, my guess is the problem on those stream clients isn't the art per se. I think the problem is the amount of data at the head of the files before the mp3 data is too big. Since there's no limit to how much data can go in ID3v2 tags, clients should be fixed to play the mp3 data where ever they can find it.
        • #!/usr/bin/perl -w
          # Artwork: v.1 2007-02-18 14:52:09
          # Pull album art from id3v2 tags
          # Copyright (c) 2007 William Galway. All Rights Reserved.
          $VERSION = '.1';

          use MP3::Tag;
          use File::Find;
          open( LOGF, ">>logfile.txt" ) || die "$!";
          print LOGF `date`;
          print LOGF "The follwing directories are w/o ablum art.\n";

          # MP3 Dirctory
          print "Type the path to your mp3s and press Enter. \n";
          $mp3dir = <STDIN>;
          chomp $mp3dir;
          print "\n";

          # Album