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  • But doesn't Maypole 2.0 answer the setup issues?
    # I had a sig when sigs were cool
    use Sig;
    • I believe so, and from what I hear it seems like an excellent piece of kit - however I feel that html, although a good medium, does not address the needs of the application(s) that I am looking to develop, hence the desire to look elsewhere.
      • Ahh! Yes, HTML/HTTP as the universal protocol leaves quite a bit to be desired (aside from Firewall pentetrability).

        If you come up with something as elegant as Maypole but based around WSDL [] and the other WS* standards, that would be way cool. (Not that the standard SOAP over HTTP is much of an improvement protocol-wise, but it decouples at least.)

        Would a hypothetical Maypole::SoapLite extension, probably using WSDL::Generator [] and/or SOAP::WSDL [] do anything for you?

        FYI, although I haven't used it myself, in the Java universe, the hot light-weight client-side toolkit is now XUL [] using Moxilla/FireFox browser. (tutorial []). Think XML-based specification of TCL-like rich-but-thin GUIs that run in browsers? There's already a XUL::Node [] class on CPAN for server-side XUL in Perl. Other Perl-Xul connections are in progress, PerlXUL [] (advanced planning stage but dormant? [])and Perl-Xul (list) [].

        Your original posting []'s referenced articles' discussion of extensional CRUD versus intentional transactions is interesting. I need to think about this for a little web-app I'm planning to build to share updating the DB behind a query-only website. For that app, I probably have naturally optimistic concurrency -- no two people should want to update the same item at once -- so CRUD may be ok. Both CRUD and Transactional GUI+Engine stink if you have to stick-build every last screen or transaction; I'm looking for good easy tools. Maypole2 was the best I'd seen, but I need to re-think this, and quickly.

        - Bill R

        # I had a sig when sigs were cool
        use Sig;
        • A "Maypole::SoapLite" module would be most usefull ( although I imagine the dependencies would cover a large part of CPAN ) - Almost a Holy Grail as far as this project is concerned. In terms of my own development, I haven't yet decided whether its best to base this on Maypole, or base it on the theories that Maypole is based upon, I think a fair bit of R&D will be required - especially in WSDL and XML schema.

          Your comment about the decoupling effect provided by SOAP is one of the reasons I am consideri