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  • by Ovid (2709) on 2008.12.02 11:59 (#66082) Homepage Journal

    I'm here because there's no credible alternative. use.perl is an anachronistic embarrassment for Perl, but until we get a serious alternative, we're stuck with it. And you're right, it hurts our image.

    • What would a "serious alternative" look like?

      • Multiple blogs, better control of friends, allow anonymous responses, filtering responses, trackbacks, news aggregation, tagging, probably multimedia embedding (I know many would argue that point), source code coloring, richer HTML or other markup, etc. Plus full individual customization to turn off annoying features we don't want (such as tons of useless JavaScript).

        Basically, a site which looked like it's been invented some time in the past few years would be nice. Oh, and users to actually use it. Tha

        • That's all provided by MT, WP, LJ, Vox, and other blogging sites. Planet Perl aggregates feeds from those, if you want a place to find just Perl feeds.

          What purpose does a (in your words) "toy" blog site serve over and above those?

          • <plug>Perlsphere [] also aggregates Perl blogs. :)</plug>
          • I think aggregators feel very disjointed, they don't feel very official. I think having a whole bunch of smart Perl folks blog (like You, Ovid, Dave, chromatic,etc..) in one official-sque location makes a statement about the Perl community. Even if it seems silly.

            Plus the ability to network would be great, esp. post conference/workshops. I would love to be able to setup a linked in-ish profile here and then link to my Perl workshop profile/account. Also make those profiles accessible to job posters on the

      • What would a "serious alternative" look like?

        Until someone gets off his or her backside and actually does anything, nothing.

        I've heard a lot of complaints about how pretty sites aren't over the years. I haven't seen many people volunteer to do the work to make them prettier. I put very little energy into caring about what should happen, at least according to people who don't make it happen.

        • Okay, []. Username: Password: perl1234. Please sign your posts, and don't change the password. Seriously, almost anything is an improvement over use.perl. Those bitching about "blah blah blah do the work" should point out where those willing to "do the work" of a default wordpress install should send their requests.

    • If you think it's an "anachronistic embarrassment", I suggest that it's your job to work with the people who run it and fix it. Or you could start yet another perl blog site that won't get used, like perlbuzz, but will at least be shiny.
    • Yawn.