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  • I've been having a tough time completely understanding what's been going on in French politics, and now this. People say all kinds of things about American politics, but at least over here overtly racist policies usually don't succeed at high levels of government.

    So, when people say Le Pen or the BNP are racist, which of these do they mean?

    • Opposed to preferential treatment programs or quotas for minorities, such as America's affirmative action, in private business.
    • Same as above, only about government
    J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
    • Can't tell you about Le Pen, but as for the BNP - this list comes from their policies page [].

      • IMMIGRATION - time to say NO!
      • EUROPE - back to British independence!
      • LAW AND ORDER - crack down on crime!
      • ECONOMY - British workers first!
      • EDUCATION - discipline, standards, achievement!
      • AGRICULTURE - quality before quantity!
      • HEALTH - first-class healthcare for all!
      • TRANSPORT - time to invest!
      • ENVIRONMENT - NO to pollution!
      • FOREIGN AID - time to spend our money on our own people!
      • PENSIONERS - pensioners before asylu
      • Yeah, now that I've looked through their FAQ, I've seen plenty. Opposition to interracial marriage because "a race is a beautiful thing and should stay pure"? Bleah! Turns my stomach! Literally!

        1st and 8th letters of the alphabet

        I thought freaks like that were only in the U.S. Sometimes I weep for my world.

        The repatriation concept is strange. We had a similar movement about slaves in the 1800s; I believe that's part of what founded Nigeria and Monroevia. (You may have already known that; I don't know. Monroevia was named for U.S. President James Monroe.) I thought it was really weird they were offering to pay for it.

        The U.S. was built on immigration, so I can't even identify with their desire for what they call a "pure British homeland." All my life I have felt a desire to better our country through granting citizenship to immigrants. That seems to be one of the most noble and wonderful things in the world to me. I've got a friend from El Salvador who became a citizen a few years ago, and it meant so much to both of us. Although I don't favor completely tearing down the borders, it's wonderful to me that so many people want to come here and be a real part of our country. I can't fathom wanting to deny that to someone. It's part of what makes us great, and I hope your BNP can realize that that can make you great as well.

        We've got a lot of people here with various degrees of opposition to the U.N. (You knew that.) I'm not so keen on it, myself, but I don't want to pull out of it or anything. I can see where the EU could really bother some people; it's such a drastic change and even further than the U.N. or anything that has come before. However, after exhibiting that much xenophobia, it's hard to find any respect for the BNP when they speak against it.

        After our Sklyarov incident, I became very big on national sovreignty. I don't believe in applying our laws in other countries or vice versa. But the EU to me seems a lot like the 1800s when states joined the U.S. It was generally a consensual, mutually beneficial agreement. Take note of our history, though, meaning the civil war. It's permanent. (Not a problem with me, but it seems to be with some people.)

        One last thing. I hate having racism identified as "right wing." I'm "right wing." Using the American divisions of left and right, your BNP is a strange animal indeed. :) Anti-immigration and pro-national sovreignty, but pro-union and pro-national healthcare? I can't even figure out where to put that combination; I've never seen it.

        J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers