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  • Pudge you don't know what you are talking about.
    Megret is a bona fide neo-nazi. His ideas are abject and should be fought relentlessly. And yes they make him a slimy bastard. And yes I hate him.
    These people do not participate in Democracy, they just spread hatred and madness.
    BTW there were anti-national front demonstrations every day for 2 weeks in every major city in France, more than a million people marched on May 1rst, and there were virtually no incidents, contrary to what happen a few years ago when n
    • It's quite true, I think, that we Americans literally cannot comprehend some of the racism of Europe's "far right." (Although our minority citizens probably have a better idea than white guys like me.) I made a post under davorg's journal entry about the BNP, asking for help in understanding because we just don't see that kind of attitude taken to that kind of extreme succeeding in politics over here. We have the attitudes, but people who express them are almost never politically successful (haven't been

      J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
      • I've had your comments on the BNP open in another window for a little while, I'll answer there when I get more time.

        But to give a first idea, FN (Le Pen) and MNR (Mégret) ideologists can be roughly categorized in two sections, both of which are racists.

        One section is for genocide. It comprises very few intellectuals, mostly old nazis or collaborators, or some people that were involved in dirty operations in Algeria.

        The other section can be called racialist. What they believe is t


        -- Robin Berjon []

        • You know those stories you read about the young person who lived the sheltered life and when he finally gets out can't believe how terrible the world is? That's how I feel right now. While we have people like that here in the States, they are almost universally vilified by the public. They would never succeed in politics. Half of the time when there's a charge of racism, it's because someone thinks we shouldn't have affirmative action programs with quotas to guarantee a certain percentage of minorities

          J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
          • They were fought strongly (and efficiently) here too for a while. But when the MNR split itself out of the FN, we made the mistake of thinking that we'd won. Unfortunately, Le Pen is a political killer. Since 1998 he softened his public speeches, and pretended to be dead. He made a blitz presidential campaign and that's how he went so far.

            I've made the comment for the past few years or so that I don't believe in using the term "race." We're all humans made by God.

            Indeed, I very much doubt that there is relevance in the term "race". You could however reach further and simply say "We're all humans", I wouldn't want to be left out ;-)

            I'm ashamed to share the term "right" with these people.

            I'm ashamed to share the term "politics" with them...


            -- Robin Berjon []