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  • I have no idea, but I knew it happens. Something to do with the ports system and version numbers. That's why dists like DBIx::Class and such started using 0.xxyyy as the verison number instead of 0.xx, because when things were stuffed into FBSD ports, it had crazy ideas of what things where newer than other things.
    • In fact, from the DBIC source:

      # Always remember to do all digits for the version even if they're 0
      # i.e. first release of 0.XX *must* be 0.XX000. This avoids fBSD ports
      # brain damage and presumably various other packaging systems too

      $VERSION = '0.07006';
      • That would be my fault. As the FreeBSD maintainer for DBIx::Class, I requested this, and I'm very happy it's now policy across both DBIC and Catalyst. It's not because we can't handle the situation, like tagg describes, but it's simply more (error-prone) work for us. So personally I prefer not to.
  • At least, not that I know of.

    The simple reason is the algorithm that the FreeBSD Ports system uses to compare version numbers ( pkg_version(1) []). It can handle stuff like 0.01 < 0.02 and 0.99 < 1.01, but when an author, instead of incrementing the version number, just sticks another digit on the end, the version number comparison gets into trouble. Or more exactly, the trouble arises when that digit is removed. So 1.86 < 1.861, but 1.861 > 1.87! Not good.

    In order to alleviate this problem, the p
    • Thanks, that's nice and clear. I know FreeBSD isn't messing with the code for modules I maintain, unlike some OTHER distributions I could name. They probably have made me grumpier than I need to be.

      My code is always X.YYY, except for Bundle modules, which are always of a different fixed digit format. This should be true of most PEP things, especially once it's standardized.

      Feel free to keep doing what you're doing, of course. I'm just letting you know that I am not one of those lunatics who goes from 1.